What is it - a perfect New Year for your child?

For each of us the New Year is associated with Santa, miraculously, gifts, beautiful holiday.All adults will remember as a child they were waiting for the onset of the night: the house decorated, dressed Christmas tree, Christmas taught poetry and songs.They believed in the fulfillment of their desires!It was an indescribable feeling of anticipation of this magic.But over the years this feeling is gone, and gradually faith in fairy tales and miracles have replaced the hassle of searching for gifts, food, venue of this festival, and so on. D.

Today we are able to give unforgettable emotions Christmas story to our children!After all, they are the true fans of this holiday, with absolute sincerity, write a letter to Grandfather Frost, wishing him good health and a draw for great pictures.Every parent, keeping in mind the most pleasant memories of the New Year magic, understands and shares the special thrill of a child waiting for a holiday.Good Son, charged emotions and positively influence its further


important factor for a child in the New Year holidays are a special communication with parents.Particular, it is because we are not loaded workdays and can devote all his spare time to children.We can go together on Christmas trees, ice rinks, parks and Christmas markets, feel the charm of New Year holidays.

A small family in these days of receiving gifts and positive emotions from communicating with loved ones, they encourage good behavior.

as gifts best suited educational games, toys and books.It is also important that the child is less than playing computer games and consoles, let him spend time in communion with you.You can spend a wonderful buddy, having mastered one of the winter sports.Such leisure strengthen children's health, because what could be better than spending time outdoors?

Another New Year's holidays are a great opportunity for the development of creative abilities of the child.This is the period in which it is strongly recommended to cut snowflakes, garlands and construction of cards, drawing winter and Christmas scenes.All this, of course, develop fine and gross motor child and his imagination.

In general, it is difficult to find a more favorable and the perfect time for your child's development than New Year!So try to spend more time with their children and teach them to believe in a good story.They, being then quite adult, often in difficult periods of his life will remember you and the magic that you were able to create their own hands!

times and we have grown, so you just need to believe in miracles, because they suddenly come true ...

Articles Source: Centre for Development and Education "Elitora┬╗