5 habits that are harmful for the skin

We all know that you can not squeeze pimples.But eating habits, the harm to our skin that we can not even guess ...

start to use anti-aging cosmetics prematurely

cream for his age are taught to young skin to be lazy.She starts worse renewed, hoping to help the miracle creams and serums.As long as you use means of anti-age, skin looks great as soon as you stop - wrinkles appear at twice the speed.There are dermatologists opinion that the use of anti-aging with phytoestrogens - plant substances similar in structure to the female hormone estrogen - at a young age leads to acne.

whole night sleeping on one side

health safety a habit over time is detrimental to the beauty.When you're lying on one side, the skin shrinks on one half of the face and neck, it worsens blood and lymph circulation.Over time, this leads to swelling and wrinkles in the mesh of the century, as well as wrinkles, creases in the neck area.Conclusion: Sleep on your back on an orthopedic pillow.

lazy to wash off makeup before bed

all regenerative processes in the skin occur at night.After 23 hours, it begins to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - the main components responsible for the smoothness and elasticity.To process was active, the skin needs to breathe.Decorative cosmetics, even the best, it prevents this.The day cosmetics covered by dust particles that prevent intracellular respiration.As a result, even after 9 hours of sleep with make you look worse than after 6 hours of sleep with clean skin.You do not like foaming gel cleanser?Seize indelible micellar milk or water.

talking on his cell, clutching his cheek

According to studies of mobile operators, on average, we spend on the phone 85 minutes a day.During the day, he can go in jeans pocket, on your desktop, in your bag, not to mention his hands.Not surprisingly, the handset deposited millions of bacteria which, coming into contact with the skin, it can cause inflammation.Especially at risk women with a fondness for talking on a cell, holding the tube shoulder to her cheek.Dealing exclusively on speakerphone, we urge you not to, but to wipe the phone with antibacterial wipes at least a few times a day will not hurt.

You use scrubs with crushed bones

Overall scrubs the skin needs.They help exfoliate its upper stratum corneum, and promote cell renewal.But it is important to remember that the abrasive particles peels should be soft.In spite of the natural origin of crushed stones - apricot, grape, peach, - they are too harsh for the skin.After their use appear microtraumas that make the skin surface inhomogeneous.For a long time it was thought that these scrubs perfectly clean oily skin and soft enzyme peels for it useless.However, recent research dermatologists confirm that scrubs with coarse particles only hurt oily skin: penetrating into the pores, they are stronger than they are stretched.

Articles Source: liza.ua