Exercises with elastic band: strong muscles, graceful forms

Physical Education occupies a significant place in the life of today's inhabitants of big cities and smaller towns.Save your physical form, bestowed by nature, it is not easy when there are an abundance of treats, and work does not require much physical effort.If centuries ago people had to obtain food in the sweat of his brow, but now they have to look for ways to spend the energy obtained from food.

how to move, to waste the calories?

Well-fed people of advanced civilizations run in the morning, go after work fitness club, fitness equipment installed in their own homes.We have to work hard, to spend the extra calories and thus save the youth and health.The move is necessary so that the muscles are worked and tired, and for that they need to overcome the resistance.Invented all kinds of devices to load the body, allowing to simulate natural forces and to achieve adequate muscle contraction.

How to make the muscles to act?

The list of power training exercise with elastic band takes a well-deserved niche.That tape, which accounts Pulling, forcing the muscles to work in full force, simulating rowing, swimming, weight lifting, drag production from place to place - everything that a person engaged in a thousand years.Modern man in the street trying to save himself from physical inactivity, but so as not to feel discomfort.Among the possible actions of pleasant exercise with elastic band are for him an ideal strength training.

elastic band in the exercises for women

For the modern woman is no more optimal shell allows you to create the ideal muscle for a perfect figure than an elastic band for the sport.Exercises with it can achieve great results in a short time.Especially appreciated this kind of sports equipment, because it is convenient and compact.You can put a piece of latex in any luggage and go on a trip or to the country, having with the ideal trainer.The very same exercise with an elastic band is simple and can be performed in any room, without special equipment.It is necessary to remove the tape from the bag to dissolve its full length, the ends of the wound on his hands - and you can start training.

Focus on thighs and buttocks: remove fat and exercising muscles

find the best exercises with an elastic band (photo perform some of them are listed in this article), you can create a set for the development of the muscles of the body or to improve problem areas,such as thighs, abdomen, arms.The tape is suitable for any area of ​​the body, it is possible to correct any flaws in the figure.

For example, regular exercise with an elastic band formed graceful flowing lines of the thighs and buttocks tightened, something that is particularly concerned with how young girls and mature women.

  • Take a step the right foot forward and push it in the middle of the tape, the ends of the belt take up, bent at the elbows in front of him.
  • lift the left leg to toe and, bending the knee, begin to squat, pulling him to the floor, until the thigh of the right leg is not parallel to the floor.
  • Now exhale return to its original position against the resistance of the bandage.

or variant:

  • both feet become middle belt and pull the ends towards the shoulders by bending your elbows.
  • From this position, begin to squat, placing pelvis back so if you want to sit on a chair.Knees thus remain in a fixed position: do not push them forward.
  • On the exhale, straighten up and squeeze your buttocks and abdomen.

Hips for fashion shorts

following exercise with an elastic band to help make the hip slim and toned, so you can proudly display on themselves fashionable shorts.

first practiced outside of the thigh:

  • Stand erect, stepping on the tape, and take it to the ends of drooping hands.Gently pull the tape.Make a slight squat with a tap of the pelvis back.
  • straight, and at the same time raise your right leg to the side, overcoming the resistance of the belt, repeat 8-16 times at first slowly and then at an accelerated pace.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

following exercise tightens internal muscle antagonist:

  • Take the right hand end of the tape, both hugging her right foot also.
  • Bend your arm at the elbow and push the side by pushing the brush as possible to the side, so as to create tension strip.
  • Lift the straight leg and pull it to the left, cross in front of you, slightly twisting the foot, hand pull the bandage to support the resistance, feel the tension on the inside of the thigh.

Universal miracle

performing exercises with an elastic band in a standing position, you are actually forcing train the whole body.Willy-nilly, you need to keep the balance, at the same time straining abdominal muscles, back, chest, and, of course, the hands.However, because the tape and dealing with popular that it can be used in any initial position: sitting, lying down, standing up.It can pull from behind, out of themselves, for themselves, top, bottom, lying on his back, on his side, on his stomach.Any classic exercise can diversify and strengthen its training effects if you add the tape.