How to save money in Istanbul

few tips for those who want to visit the city and do not empty your wallet surrounded by oriental merchants.

On strait division of Europe and Asia, is located one of the most amazing cities in the world.The ancient capital of the Byzantine Empire, in the XX century, renamed Istanbul, situated between the two continents, is absolutely unique city that is unlike any in Asia or to Europe.

Incorporating the spirit of the great empires, the great religions and the center of trade between Europe and Asia, Istanbul XXI century has lost the capital status, but to preserve and increase their cultural wealth, elegantly fit them into the world of the modern metropolis.


Regular direct flights to Istanbul from Russia are relatively inexpensive, but for those who wish to save money, it is strongly recommended to use the services of the Turkish airline Pegasus Airlines, operates in the segment of low-cost.

If successful scenario ticket "back and forth" from Moscow to Istanbul cost 7-8 thousand rubles.In the presence of luggage will have to pay, but the total amount will still be pretty enjoyable.

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It is worth remembering that the plane arrives not in the main and the second airport of Istanbul, located on the Asian side of the city.From the airport shuttle beneficial use, which takes to the right address.

Istanbul cheaper to get around on foot or by public transport.The historic center, though covers an impressive area, but is quite compact in terms of the abundance of attractions.

If you are interested in specific places, in the historic center is better to use light rail, as taxis are quite expensive, despite the huge number of cars with "checkered".In addition, the Istanbul case congestion situation is not the best way.

Using the tram, a chance to get to your destination on time is significantly increased.

ticket, rather badge for access to the station, you can buy in the machine located at the entrance.


number of hotels, hostels and apartments in Istanbul is incalculable, especially in the historic city center - Sultanahmet.When choosing a hotel is sure to remember - the main "trick" of all hotels in Istanbul is "a wonderful view from the window."

always offer you a room with a "good view", but remember - from almost every window, you will have views on any attraction.In Istanbul, they almost more than hotels.

Therefore, when choosing a hotel on arrival and try to choose a place that does not have "unique species" because of this kind will have to seriously pay.

In addition, the hotels in Istanbul, it is better not to act according to the rule - "farther from the center - less", as the city is quite large and crossed the Bosphorus and the European part, in turn, shared the Golden Horn.As a result, the road to the historic center can be quite long and not very economical.

important when choosing a hotel is a matter of sound insulation, as in many parts of the city the nightlife is very active.In addition, for those who are going to Istanbul in the winter, we strongly recommend not to take a room on the top floor.

Yes, good view, but it will have to pay for comfort, since the roof at Istanbul are very thin, and the available means of heating could not cope with temperatures around zero degrees.


That's really what in Istanbul more than the sights, it's food.Small cafes, restaurants and a street food selling points, oriental sweets, fruit and fresh juices in the city of myriad.

Street food - always much cheaper.It includes not only the classic kebab and hot dogs with fried fish "Balik ekmek", fresh mussels in lemon juice, ice cream from goat's milk "dondurma", roasted chestnuts, corn on the grill and more.

In this case, the important thing to remember the first rule of the eastern cities - do not judge the quality of appearance.Often, a good-looking restaurant may be just a cover for the road is not very good products, while, as usual street vendor, offering hot dogs directly converted their trunk of his car in practice will not yield "Michelin" chef.

therefore closely monitor the number of customers in a particular food item, as well as the presence of local residents.

In addition, a separate paragraph are juices that are squeezed right in front of you.Street vendor with a cart garnets and press will offer you a glass of shock doses of vitamin drink for just 1 Turkish lira (about 16 rubles).

At the same time, if that dealer is shed, and he will be placed in a small room, giving the product to the street, the same juice will cost 3 lira, and the availability of seats raise its value to 6 or even up8 liras.

Another important rule food in Istanbul - remember, this is the East, so get ready for a pretty aggressive look to European, advertising their own institutions, as well as "hidden services".

Be careful when the waiter, and especially the host institution offers some additional services, and never be afraid to ask the price.Yes, it is the East, so you can almost always negotiate, and the rejection of this game in the bazaars and all can offend the seller.

can bring down the price of almost everything.In addition, discounts can reach 30-40%, and if you take a few units of goods, or even up to 50-60%.

By the way, learn the classic place for Turkish food is not difficult - there is almost always no alcohol.In tourist areas there are no restrictions on it, but the price does not always match the quality.


If you intend to visit the sights of Istanbul located in Sultanahmet, you will be beneficial to purchase Museum Card worth 72TL (1160 rubles) for 72 hours.This card includes entry to the main museums in Sultanahmet and discounts on various services useful for tourists.

Museum Card gives you access to the Chora Museum, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Harem, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the Mosaic Museum, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Galata Mevlevi (House Museum), Yildiz Palace, Museum of the History of Science and Technology.

Besides, Museum Card allows to pass to museums without waiting in line, that too much important.Believe me, turn in some museums may well compete with similar events in the later years of the Soviet Union.

Admission to all markets in the mosque of the city free.

however, is attentive to the wishes of its own forces and cultural education.Attractions Istanbul occupy a fairly large area and not all of them can meet the expectations.For example, despite the huge number of mosques, many of them do not differ from each other interiors.

Furthermore, attractions such as the Grand Bazaar or the Egyptian Bazaar require additional forces from the large number of people and the abundance of goods that will entice passers tirelessly for its vivid colors and smells.

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