What devised before: a candle or glass?

In order to answer the question that was invented before - a candle or a glass, first look at the history of the candle, and then glazed.And compare.Let's start to dive into the history of candles.

dipping candles

People use candles as a light source of about 5,000 years.Despite the importance they have in our lives, just answer the question, when a candle was invented, no one can.There are theories that the first candle was invented in ancient Egypt around 3000 BC.Of course, they look very different, and different from today.Egyptian candles are made from the core of rushes, reeds served as a torch, which is pre-soaked in animal fat.Official mention of these light sources refers to the tenth century BC.Then they had the appearance of a wick placed in a container filled with fuel solution.Very interesting history unfold candles ancient Romans.They twisted and then dipped in a solution of fat papyrus.Because part of the solution remained on the wick, he kept burning.These were called dipping candles, covered with them at home, as well as religious premises, took them on the road.Widespread candle was due to the cheapness and availability of fat, because have been used for many centuries.

Historians say that other civilizations made candles from improvised means, including from insects or plants.In China, made candles from twisted into a tube of thick paper, rice paper served as a wick, wax mixed grain insects.The Japanese produced a wax candle walnut.

Tapered candles

How did modern candle?History of it belongs to the XV century.Until that time, all the candles were dipped.One inventor who was born in France, invented the tapered candles, this wax is poured in the finished mold.Then the animal fat was replaced by beeswax, he smoked less, longer burned and smelled better.However, the cost of candles was much higher, because they were used only in the church and in the homes of the aristocracy.

Other methods of making candles

American women have made a small but important discovery obtained by prolonged boiling of some berry wax burns well and very nice smell.However, since this method of candle making laborious and time consuming, it is not widely used.

In the XVIII century was the development of the whaling industry, so in candles have added a new substrate - spermaceti.This oily substance was obtained from the top of the head of the sperm whale.New candles were denser and more rigid, which allowed them not to melt in the heat.

history of inventions that influenced the candle business

XIX century was a turning point for the production of candles.In 1820, French chemist Michel Chevrolet allocated stearic acid from animal fat.Then came stearic candles, which were solid, hard and clean burning.These candles are popular to this day in Europe.

important in their history is the name of Joseph Morgan.He invented a device by which the shaped candles can be manufactured continuously.Due to the cylinder with pistons moving this technique on their own machines rake up from the candle, after they froze.

In 1850, could be isolated from naturally occurring petroleum substance and cleared it.Thus, in the production of steel use paraffin candles.This product is burned cleanly and smoothly, was cheaper than other combustibles, the problem of low melting point decided after paraffin was added a solid of stearic acid.

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, then candle began to apply more for aesthetic purposes.

Modern candles

Candles left in our lives to this day as part of the decor, as an integral part of creating a romantic and meditative atmosphere, even just as a nice and cute souvenir.Aromatic candles, colorful, large and small, round and square shapes - all this is available today for anyone.

Since 1990, the popularity of candles is growing again, began to look for new varieties of wax for candles: from palm oil, soy and others.


What is glass, known to many, it is not difficult.Glass - an amorphous substance.Solid thereof can be obtained by cooling the alloy.A lot of the things around us are made of glass, without it, our lives would not be so comfortable.How did people used to do without mirrors, glazed windows, beautiful glass bottles, elegant and light dishes?Have you ever thought of the fact that invented glass?This article will try to answer not only to this question, we will also compare and analyze that invented before - a candle or glass.

story glass

interesting hypothesis has been proposed yet a Greek philosopher and historian Pliny the Elder.He wrote a work entitled "Natural History" in the first century BC.History of the glass is described as a legend or the legend of the ancient mariners.

Phoenician merchants brought from Africa to the natural soda ships along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.During the trip, they were overtaken by a violent storm, resulting in the ship hid in the nearest harbor.It was decided to wait for better weather on the beach.Travelers lit the fire, decided to cook the food.They were looking for what you can put a large kettle, but on the shore was empty and did not find anything suitable.Then the sailors brought the ship massive blocks of soda, which ideally suited for this purpose.In the morning, the sailors found on the site of the fire the pieces of unfamiliar material.Thus, from a mixture of ash and sand under high temperature formed glass.History of Inventions often unusual and simple.The narrator, of course, a very respected person, an interesting version, but surely she?

In the twentieth century decided to check the version of Pliny.Unfortunately, the experiment failed.It was found that the temperature of the fire is not enough in order to melt the glass.So when invented glass?Obviously, it was created in a different environment and other people.

Glass ancient Egypt

question that invented earlier, a candle or a glass, remains open, but scientists believe that both of these discoveries belong to the ancient Egyptians.The fact that the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs were found the first glass products, whose age was estimated at about 9,000 years.It is believed that the glass was invented by accident when a mixture of sand and ash fell on the raw pottery before firing.Perhaps the product was simple and did not require special attention, and, moreover, difficult to clean wet clay.After firing, it formed a thin glass layer, and with due consideration of his master could see.He could only make a correct conclusion.5000 years ago in Egypt we have made of glass ornaments, colored dishes, and 3000 years ago have appeared glass bottles to store perfume.The first glass, created by man, was a greenish or bluish because sand had impurities.

Venetian glass

If to be frank, there is no man invented glass, it had created by nature when it came out red-hot lava millions of years ago.Thus, we can answer the question that was invented before - glass or candle.Since the glass appeared alone, millions of years ago, it was included in a person's life much earlier than candles.The first glass, found the man was not transparent and unclear, almost black.It is called obsidian.Then, of course, people have learned to make the glass itself.

In the I century BC, people have already started to discolor the glass using manganese.For the manufacture of glassware using special tubes in which it was blown.The flat shape is obtained much later.The first transparent flat glass was found in archaeological excavations at Pompeii.In XIII century they have already been known in Europe.Since that time, Venice glass production is widespread.From Constantinople brought new oriental patterns.Gradually, Venice learned to make such glass and even improve its transparency by the addition of an alloy of lead.

All master glassmakers were very much appreciated, they were not even allowed to leave the city, and for trying to hide them was death.Then, in order to avoid disclosure of secrets, it was decided to transfer all the shops on the island of Murano, which is near Venice.Murano Glass is very highly regarded at the time.Now the dishes can be seen in various museums.Glassblowers produced indescribable beauty vases, wine glasses, decanters and fine jewelry.In those days, the glass items were luxuries.

Use glass

then mankind has invented amalgam coating.So there was a mirror.Glass even used in the construction, often using its built temples.Multi-colored stained-glass windows and now adorn many of them.With the ability to form specific glass to refract light rays, it began manufacturing lenses that have become useful in science.Biology, medicine, astronomy - all they needed in the glass and lenses.

invented before - a candle or glass?

So now foggy and mysterious history of the emergence and development of glass production became clearer that helped answer the question.Indeed, the glass came first spark, but the exact date of both discoveries is unknown until now.While grateful for such useful things addressed to the ancient Egyptians.