Why not have a knife?

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Folk omens are still relevant, and in this age of high-tech and fast-paced progress.Many of them relate to everyday life.Wisdom lies in the generation of short warnings, which often prohibit doing anything.Have you ever heard anything that is not recommended to eat food directly from the knife?Probably heard more than once.This is the reason why we can not have a knife, not explained.For a long time the existence of the signs were so many interpretations of the ban.They vary not only over time, adapting to the present, but also with the person's age.

Why not have a knife

a child's parents to their children repeat that there is a knife in any case impossible.The most common explanation easy to understand, even for kids, very corny - high risk of injury from a sharp object.You can accidentally cut the tongue, lips, or cause damage to any other part of the skin.Language heals very long, and the process itself is rather unpleasant.Another alternative interpretation of the signs can not physically see or feel, but argues that people, eat with a knife, lose your mind, simply, glupeyut.This explanation parents can give older children who already understand the value of life in mind.And by adults certainly do not want to become less intelligent.Also, a simple explanation of why you can not eat with a knife, are the rules of etiquette.Parents with a child childhood instill norms of behavior at the table must do to use them in everyday life.Use a minimum set of cutlery, which includes a spoon, fork and knife should be every child.

can not eat with a knife: the causes of the past

As older people explain people's signs are becoming more original.For example, people ignore this rule becomes more aggressive and angry.This interpretation goes back far into the past.In ancient times, the knife, first of all, was a weapon, a means of protection against enemies.Also, it is often used in magical rituals whose aim was the application of both physical and spiritual harm to the body and aura of a person.I use a knife and at home.Farmers enjoyed for eating with a spoon, come to believe that the invaders who came from other lands and are accustomed to eat meat that is easy to carve with a knife - it's evil, aggressive and self-willed people.So civilians and a belief born.

People sign: Do not eat with knife

Why not have a knife?A sign of this is even more bizarre interpretations.For example, it is believed that will hurt the heart, and therefore possible to carry out the operation.However, any attempt to prove this theory was carried out.And even though the absolute failure to prove this interpretation, it is quite popular among the superstitious people.

Also, people, eat with a knife, can become jealous.But this explanation does not proved.Since ancient times, it is considered that any sharps adversely affect human aura.Knife refers to such things, so it has a negative effect on the aura.As it is cold steel, which is easier to use during the commission of a crime, and various rituals.It is believed that on a knife edge accumulates negative energy and destructive impulses, which can easily damage the aura.In addition, they reduce the overall level of vital energy, in particular the state of health deteriorated.This can lead to disease.

This sign also has another surprising explanation.Treatment is aimed at the female part of the population.It is believed that the person, eat with a knife, the husband will be drunk.Of course, the girls are not willing to make this possible developments became a sad reality, so superstitious ladies are priverzhenka etiquette.

In addition, there is another option, also focused on girls.Those who continue to have a knife-in-law would be angry.And this development even worse for some than the husband abuses alcohol.Other interpretations of why you can not have a knife, even bizarre.For example, some argue that it is possible polyset, life will be shorter or change the spouse.

Can I have a knife

answer to this question depends, above all, the belief in omens.But the practical use of a knife instead of a fork irrationally.It is therefore recommended to observe the rules of etiquette that make every meal becomes a safe and aesthetically pleasing.