Natalia Name: origin and meaning.

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name Natalia, origin and value of which are, apparently, the Latin roots in our country is quite common.It is believed that its owners are distinguished leadership qualities, good health and quite friendly disposition.

Natalia childhood

exact meaning of the name of Natalia (Natalia) - "native" (Latin).As a child of its owner different cheerful character, love to play and organize all sorts of mischief.In kindergarten and school Natalia is one of the main plant, constantly coming up with something interesting and new.Studies well, with pleasure, often a student.As has determined and energetic character, always take an active part in school life.Bold and confident, Natalya never pass by injustice.As if her eyes would hurt the weak, she will intervene.

Features character

If the parents are not afraid of difficulties and want to grow out of her daughter's self-identity and self-sufficient, they certainly need to give birth to her name Natalia.The origin and meaning of it, would seem to suggest the absolute kindness and evenness of temper.However, in reality this is not always the case.The character of Natasha at the most difficult and acrimonious.It is not like the bearer of this name all sorts of criticisms.But praise and react sensitively.Usually by Natalia it looks quite frivolous.However, this is nothing more than an appearance.In fact, holders of the name differ pragmatic and money are treated with great respect.This is a very economic and cheap women.


Most Natasha differ excellent health.To doctors treat rare and only as a last resort.They do not like to take medication and comply with any mode.To taking food also are not too scrupulous.

Natalia: the mystery of the origin and name.Career

sharp mind and determination allow Natalya very quickly succeed in life.Find yourself a woman with the same name can be in almost any profession.But especially Natasha attract specialty related to travel and travel.Trade and business - and their horse.Since the preferred hobbies Natasha - drawing and performance on stage, are very often make good actress or artist.Sometimes, women with the same name are employees of museums.Not particularly attracted Natasha purely male profession.

Despite the ambition and the ambition of making a career "over the heads" Natalia will hardly showing innate nobility and decency.Love for justice and the ability to support those who are weaker, of course, cause it the respect of colleagues.Sometimes, however, Natalya may be too categorical and straightforward.

Family Life Marriage

Natasha usually come out very early and only love.Easy-going, love of fun and surprises them make life enjoyable and fun.Name Natalia (meaning and origin of which, according to most, is how we found out Latin roots) can be interpreted as a "giver."Some researchers believe that it was the Jewish men named Nathan (donor).Maybe that's why all the different Natasha generosity and love to receive visitors, arranging parties and feasts.The children of a woman with the same name are very fond and otherwise care for them.However, it never spoil them, and from an early age are taught to self-sufficiency.Do not deprive Natalia attention and husbands.The only thing you should not do his wife a woman of the same name - is to find fault with her for nothing, making any comments.

Signs named Natalia Natalia

name, meaning and origin of which involves owners of his attachment to the family and relatives, it refers to the element of water.Rather, it makes it all the owners of such calm and balanced.But, of course, before the first storm.Protector of the name of the mysterious and romantic moon.Accordingly, the metal that can best approach Natalia - Silver.Minerals name - selenium, white coral, beryl and marcasite.Most suitable for carriers of this name colors - silver, white, green and brown.

Patron saints

name Natalia, origin and value of which largely determines the nature of its owners, is under the patronage of the Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia of Nicomedia.Their day is celebrated on September 8 the church.They lived sometime in Nicomedia (Asia Minor).Adrian was a pagan, and served as an officer at the court of Emperor Galerius.His wife Natalia was a secret Christian.After some time, he also appealed to the new faith.The Emperor demanded that he changed his mind, renounced Christ and asked for forgiveness.However, Adrian flatly refused.After that it, along with other Christians, tried and sentenced to the killing.During torture Natalia strongly supported it.When Adrian and other Christians began to burn in the furnace, a terrible storm arose, and the rain put out the flames.Several executioners were killed by lightning.

Famous Natalia Natalia

name (origin and meaning of which we found) worn by many famous women in the world.The most famous in Russia can be considered Natalia Naryshkin - the mother of Peter the Great, the wife of Alexei Mikhailovich (the second).Their wedding took place in 1671, when she was 19 years old.Quite interesting history dating from the king of the poor, and not too noble girl.When Alexis wanted to marry a second time, it was arranged the so-called review of brides.By tradition, with all of Russia it has been called the most beautiful girls.Natalia Naryshkin, was raised in the Moscow home of a wealthy nobleman, his distant cousin, he joined their number and was chosen king.

Another famous wife Natalia is a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the beautiful Natalia Goncharova.As everyone knows, Alexander was killed in a duel that took place because of her.After the death of the poet Natalia Goncharova married a poor and not too young nobleman Major General Peter Lansky.Later in life, she devoted parenting and was devoted to her new husband.However, every year on the day of the death of Pushkin wore mourning dress and closed in his room until the next morning.

That's the nature of the different Natalia.What is the origin of the name and other characteristics, we are found.Women power is, self-confident and at the same noble and shopping.