Kokologichesky test "Bird of Happiness"

Kokology - the science that studies kokoro, which in Japanese means "mind" or "spirit" - offers a completely ordinary at first glance, questions like "What room in your imaginary home the purest?", And then outputs, based on the responses received,a description of your character, your thoughts and preferences.

Blue Bird - symbol of unattainable happiness, catch the tail feather beautiful - a great success.Now imagine that she treasured bird flies into your open window ... unexpected visitors seems to you so delightful that you will decide to keep it and locked the bird in a cage.However, the next morning you suddenly discover that the color of its feathers changed - blue bird turned into a yellow!But the miracles do not end: the third day of your feathered visitors becomes red, the fourth - black ... Now note the question: what color will turn its tail on the fifth day?


1) It will remain black.

2) Bird again become blue.

3) Now her tail painted in white.

4) At this time, the bird will be gold.


blue bird has flown into your window, symbolizes the happy changes.A sudden change in its color - a sign that a successful period of his life ended.Our test shows how you react to the surprises that are not always pleasant, and how you behave in a situation of uncertainty.

1) If you answered that the bird will be black, you can hardly be called an optimist ... Sometimes you feel that any change - for the worse, you - master predict all sorts of troubles and anxieties.But is it worth to spend your life worrying about what has not happened yet and may never happen?Tune in for the best, and then you will be sure to attract into your life good luck!

2) If you think that a bird once again turns blue, you're one of those people who believe that life is like a zebra.And we are sure that the black band will sooner or later be replaced by white.Perhaps you can be called a pragmatic optimist.You let events take their course, without worrying unnecessarily and do not dramatize the situation.You quietly drifting, not allowing storms sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife overwhelm your boat.

3) Do you think that the plumage of the birds turned white ... Well, you do not take a calm and composure.In an emergency, it is you get support and hope for other people, because the time to get together and know how to make the right, informed decision.

4) So, in your opinion, was the golden bird ... "In my dictionary the word 'impossible' '- Napoleon said.It seems that you are willing to subscribe to the words of the French emperor.Your arrogance is boundless!But the line that separates boldness and confidence of recklessness, is very thin.Maybe you should assess their capabilities realistically?

Lily Ilyushin

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