The limitation period for sanctions: it's worth knowing?

For many drivers interested in the question of what is the statute of limitations fine police?It violated rules of the road constantly, for it imposed appropriate sanctions.What happens if I do not pay?So, let's first understand how it is spelled out in the legislation.Action for which the inspectors of traffic police can write a fine - an administrative offense.Therefore, the time after which you can attract a certain responsibility, determined by the Administrative Code of Russia.To be precise, it is defined in Article thirty-one / nine in this legal act.

Well, it says that the limitation period of fines is the length of time the length of two years.It turns out that the fine, which is not paid for that period, then all can be forgotten.But!It is only in theory.It is worth paying attention to the opposite side of the coin.

If your name employees of traffic police have issued an administrative penalty of a fine, the legislator gives you the right to appeal this decision.If you refuse to challenge the fact that ten days later called the document comes into effect.The limitation period is counted from this number.When the time period allotted for payment has expired, you no one can be fined as punishment deemed to have lost its force.The document, which was imposed a penalty, returns to the structure, which it handed to you.The next section is defined, it can be the court and other authorities.

And now the fun part!You are in no case should not forget that if within a month after the decision comes into its force, you do not transfer money to pay the fine, it is automatically doubled.Then you have to pay, in fact, two such fine.Therefore it is necessary to think and how to weigh all the possible consequences before you hope to statute of limitations.

also need to pay attention to the fact that in August 2011, tougher sanctions in the Administrative Code.If you trust to the statute of limitations on time and do not pay your penalty, you could be applied arrest lasting up to fifteen days.

What else do you need to keep in mind is the fact that if the behavior that has imposed a fine, perfect again this fact the court finds aggravating circumstance.This can significantly tighten your next punishment, so try to avoid this by any means.If after the crime was one year, then you recognize a person who has not committed such offense.

From the above we can draw the appropriate conclusions.You do not need to hope and wait for your expire administrative offense two years ago.In any case, you have to take something (or pay the fine or appeal it through the appropriate authorities).This way you can save your money, time and nerves, as well as avoid most absolutely unnecessary problems and troubles.