Meter verification - a prerequisite for their use

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growing number of apartments and private homes equipped with water meters.Their installation recently became mandatory.Owners of apartments in new buildings are sometimes lucky, and they enter the apartment with existing devices.But all those who have long been living in their living space, we have to do it yourself.In both cases, the filling of water meters - a mandatory action that must be performed before the start of their operation.Otherwise, their testimony will not be considered valid.Finally

water consumption meters are installed, the happy owner of an apartment paying for water is much smaller, but do not forget that, like any other technical device, the meter needs attention.First of all it concerns checking its serviceability.

meter verification - procedure that is performed to determine the correct operation of the measuring carried out through limited intervals.The latter, in determining metrology defined as mezhproverochnye intervals.For devices measuring the consumption of cold water, they are 6 years old, hot - depending on the model and may vary in the range of 4-6 years (with a total useful life of 10-12 years).

meter verification - how does it happen?

This activity can be carried out in two ways:

  • unit is dismantled and transported to the testing laboratory, is put in its place another time, if the "native" device found fit, it is set to its original location;
  • checking the water meter at home is carried out on the spot, without removing it.

A couple of years ago, most companies operating in the service sector accounting devices, offered only the first option.In this case, the procedure takes a lot of time, and its economy - a moot point, since the dismantling of the counter is not free.Most likely, this was due to the fact that for checking the company must go through a certification procedure, which confirms that its staff are experts accredited to carry out these works, and have the necessary technical means.A shot device can take the test in any certified laboratory.

Today the situation has changed, the mass distribution of metering devices has led to the fact that a growing number of organizations receive necessary licenses and meter verification is carried out on the spot.It will not take more than an hour, even if the apartment has not one but two water distribution point.

meter verification or replacement?

Sometimes when reading the owner of the property he notices something amiss: while maintaining the same level of consumption, the device captures its significant increase.Such cases are rare, but do happen.Only then should think about early replacement of the device.

Some companies that often offer installation of meters for installation of a new meter, instead of believing available.The motivation is very simple - the state of water pipes is poor, despite the long service life, declared by the manufacturer, few instruments fulfill it completely.In fact, manufacturers counter determines uptime, taking into account conditions of operation, and there is no need for such a change.

According to statistics, less than 2% of devices do not pass verification, so do not think about the new device, if the old one worked only 4-6 years.