How to fix the headphones?

If you are concerned about the question of how to fix the headphones, then you should know that with certain skills and in the right hands will succeed.The most common breakdown of the headphones is open or chafing of the cable near the plug.Next will be described several techniques to effectively solve the problem.Such breaking due to the fact that the area exposed to continuous stresses, due to which wears most.However, the plug is not the most expensive component of the headphones, so do not rush to throw the headphones because of this failure.

How to fix the headphones: options

It is unfortunate, but is not present in the sale of the plug to the wires that you can replace the old, but because of this situation, there is a very simple way.The plug can be used from the cheapest headphone, whose value does not exceed three dollars.Usually they are difficult to use for other purposes, as the quality of the sound is terrible.And for the parts they are excellent.It is said also that the plug and a wire in these headphones are not of high quality, so it is not known how much they will serve you.

If you do not want too much to repair every month, you should contact the store electronic components.In such places are usually sold connectors.There you can help you and asking how to repair headphones.To connect the wires to your new plug may need a soldering iron, as well as the ability to use it.Connectors can be straight, with angled supply wire, as well as the original, non-collapsible.In addition, they may be different price, so do not skimp.It is important to note that the replacement and shall be subject to the internal audio connectors, but such a process is much more complex and expensive.

How to fix a headset wire where broken?

This type of failure is the most common.First of all, the repair you must bare wire.This can easily be done using a conventional knife.It is necessary to remove the insulation layer at the point where the wire broke.Now you have to connect two cables.This can be accomplished using a conventional heat shrink tubing.With its help you can pull pieces of wire, after which there was contact between them.Now, when the wire is connected, you have to defend it again, because now there is no protective layer.This can be done with tape, which you want to roll up the joint.This method is the most simple and accessible.Once you will be done everything above, your headphones should start working again.

How to mend a broken headphone plug?

With this break, we are faced with a small problem.There is need to replace the plug, that is, buy a new one.The compound may be performed in the same manner as the wire.Only at the junction, it is desirable to fuse wire with a plug that does not allow him to fall off in the future.When the wire and the connector are heated, they need to rewind the tape greater reliability.

happens that breaks something else.For example, if you're wondering how to repair the headset with a microphone, then here it is important to say that this is no big deal.In this case, the process is similar to the foregoing is only necessary to connect a greater number of wires.If you are faced with the breakdown of another kind, that is, your headphone something has fallen off, you need to paste it in using superglue, well-pressed, after which they can be used further.

You can make a logical conclusion of all described that repairing the headphones do not have any difficulties.However, if you are not confident in their abilities, you can always seek help from the masters, guaranteeing the quality of repair.