How to change the thermal grease

The hottest time of year you need to constantly monitor the temperature of the processor.

If sensor readings are above 50 degrees Celsius without load, ie, without the use of powerful applications, mostly games, then you need to carefully look at the CPU cooling.

First you need to check the speed of the cooler.If it rotates at less than 3000 revolutions per minute (RPM), it follows that it should be changed.But if the speed of rotation is correct, then what is the reason that the CPU is heated to such high temperatures?

Many users have their computers immediately go to the market to buy a new cooler on the processor.But why go and replace it is still working on the new analogue?Rather, you need to look at what is going on between the heatsink and the CPU itself.As a rule, between the CPU cooler and radiator grid is always applied white ointment.This is the thermal grease.

removing the heat sink, you need to look closely at the thermal compound itself.After years of work, it tends to evaporate its active chemical elements heat.As a result, it solidifies and, accordingly, no longer transmits heat through itself to reach the radiator cooler.

Here the question arises - how to change the thermal paste?

Step 1. For a start it must be purchased.It is sold at any computer store.It sold in tubes and syringes.The difference is that the tubes of ointment greater than syringes.But applying to the syringe of the processor not cause any difficulties.

How to change the thermal grease.Step 2. After the purchase you want to change it yourself and extend the life of the processor within the normal temperature.As yet it change?To start, you need to clean the surface of the processor and heat sink to the old layer of ointment.To do this, take a rag and wash the surface of the CPU and the radiator grid old structure.Once erase the old layer, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the gasoline.At this purification is finished.

How to change the thermal grease.Step 3. Thus, CPU heatsink purified from the old layer.Now go to the application of the new composition of the CPU.If you purchased a tube, while replacing the thermal grease, not knowing how much it should be applied?

Take a tube and put on top of the processor drop.Now this drop must smear on the surface so that the surface was completely CPU in this material.To do this, take a piece of paper and gently smeared.The layer should look like in the eyes of not more than 1 millimeter.Once a layer, you can put in place a radiator grid with FAN.

How to change the thermal grease.Step 4. If you purchased a syringe, then there is much easier to apply a drop of paste.Apply 2 grams of matter and smear the drop of a piece of paper on the surface of the processor.Then you can safely put on a radiator grid.

Note that you must back screwed everything very carefully and correctly.If the fix is ​​weak, and during cooler will shake, such fluctuations can cause significant damage and fixing of the parts.It is also possible the emergence of a strong noise.Screw the bolts should be carefully, without breaking the screw slot.Of course, much to swing the screwdriver is not necessary, so as not to spoil other devices.

After this procedure, replace the paste, you should check the temperature of the CPU.Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS by pressing the Del key.Go to the information on the CPU, and wait 5 minutes.The temperature should not rise above 50 degrees Celsius, due to the correct application of the new ointment on the CPU.

When buying a new cooler, if you do not want to apply thermal grease, look for models that have a layer of ointment.You just need to clean the top of the processor from the old layer of paste and put the cooler to the radiator.

I hope this article has helped you, and you understand how to replace the thermal grease.