How to change the processor.

Today, many computer users are faced with a shortage of resources for the performance of the system.It creates new programs and games that require optimal system requirements for running on your computer.The most important item that handles every mathematical effect of the application - the processor.With it, we can run different software, playing games and generally do what we want.But sometimes there are cases that the new game or application can not run on this processor, or hang, or its weak performance.Consequently, the need to replace the CPU.

How to change the processor in your computer, if not satisfied with his performance?First you need to know what CPU your motherboard supports which socket is on it.Socket (Socket) - This connector, which is inserted into your CPU (stone - in the language of computer).This information can be found in the book manual motherboard manufacturer's website of the motherboard or by running the program Everest.

How to change the processor.Step 1. When all the data on the motherboard are known, need to buy a CPU with a higher clock speed and higher performance.Ask the seller what the processor should be put on your motherboard.

How to change the processor.Step 2 .You bought a central processor (CPU) and now needs to be replaced to put it on the motherboard instead of the old.For a start, disconnect the cooler with the heatsink on the motherboard.Jack has a special socket lever to secure the CPU.Lift the lever up to release the processor from the socket.Now you can take out.

How to change the processor.Step 3. Carefully place your new item in the connector socket so that she sat right in the tabs of the connector.How to replace the processor, you can find the book on the operation of your motherboard.There will be shows every step when installing the CPU.Once installed, secure it by lowering the lever down.

How to change the processor.Step 4. So, the installation is complete.We now turn to the application of thermal paste.Clean the radiator from the grid structure of the old cooler.Degrease gasoline.Take the tube and wipe the surface of the processor drop ointment.Now it is necessary to smear a drop on the surface so that the surface of the CPU was fully in thermal grease.To do this, take a piece of paper and gently smeared on the surface.The layer should look like in the eyes of not more than 1 millimeter.Once on the surface of a layer, you can put in place a radiator grid with FAN.

After this procedure, you can safely turn on your personal computer to check performance.Turn on your PC and enter the BIOS to verify information on the CPU, as well as its temperature.Wait 5 minutes.The BIOS also gives full CPU load.Go to the information on the CPU and look at its temperature.

its temperature must be above 50 degrees Celsius.Now you can load your operating system and check the performance of your computer's configuration.Start the program or game that you have previously not been run.If it works flawlessly and without brakes, then you have correctly picked the CPU itself.

Sometimes after replacing the CPU, you turn on your computer and hear the squeaks, or nothing happens.So you picked is not suitable or non-working processor for your motherboard.Remove the CPU and take them back to the seller for replacement.

Try it report all the information about your motherboard for the selection of the required CPU.

But before attribute, try it again, because maybe you did something wrong.