For office work better and easier.

What office workers to make better use of your workplace?

Wipe clean your computer keyboard
computer should always be kept clean.There are cases when due to dirt become indistinguishable letters on the keyboard.Now there is a very practical napkins.Some people believe that one key keyboard can fit up to 14 thousand species of bacteria and germs.Therefore, it is clear that the most common keyboard, which we touch every day, can cause serious harm to our health.It should be after the keyboard accidentally touch the mouth - infection in our body.So, periodically wipe the keyboard - a sacred duty.

Strive to ensure that the desktop were only the paper you work with
Desk.Table where we spend at least 8 hours a day - one of the most important attributes of our offices.It must be remembered that the order on the table can tell a lot about the owner.Preferably, of course, that the paper on the table as small as possible.Of course, the business creates a mess on the table his experience as the owner of the hard worker, but does not contribute to the normal course of work.We must strive to lay on the table, only those securities with which you work.The rest can wait and desk drawers.Paper left during a break on the table (even if they do not constitute a state secret), you will create a very bad impression.It is better if they lie down in your absence in the safe whether at least in a locked desk drawer.And, of course, at the end of the day you want to view documents and organize them.Quite often it happens that 50% of the securities should just throw in the trash.

Specify a desk chair and a warm-up and conduct Hourly
working chair should be as convenient as possible.It determines your health.After an uncomfortable chair can "reward" radiculitis, osteochondrosis.It is desirable that the chair was the adjustment wheels and armrests.It is better, if the employer gives the employee the opportunity itself choose a desk chair.
Even if your desk chair is very comfortable, every hour is recommended that a light warm-up somewhere in the corridor.

drinking tea or coffee from a kettle
Electric - a very convenient device.If you work away from home, always at lunch, you can eat in the office.The chief perception that tea party during dampens staff.To a certain extent - yes (if it lasts for hours and poured except tea and other strong drinks).However, even the most strict boss will not mind a cup of tea or coffee, contributing only raise the tone of employees and increases their willingness to work.

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