How to close the pipe in the bathroom: good advice

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planning repairs, pre consider how close the pipe in the toilet.This point is extremely important if you want to get a stylish and modern interior bathrooms.Sewer riser, an abundance of pipes, meters of water consumption - all this does not add flavor to the entourage of your closet.Even modern plastic designs do not look presentable.It is necessary to think about how close the pipe in the toilet.

Select materials

During repair, it is important to buy wisely building materials.Whether you ennoble bedroom or bathroom you are trying to update.All the same, the materials must be safe in terms of ecology.Ideally, they do not emit harmful substances in the case of an increase in air temperature or humidity level.If you are wondering how to close the pipe in the bathroom, choose materials that are resistant to corrosion.Ideally, use them to create a lightweight design, does not occupy much space.As a rule, use MDF, waterproof plywood, plastic and drywall.We focus on the last two options.

plastic panels

So close plastic pipe in the toilet.This is the best option.And the advantages of such solution are many.Installation will not take a lot of time, turn out the light design, it will be no problem if necessary dismantle.In addition, the plastic - material hygienic, it is not afraid of water, is inexpensive and have a long service life.

To understand how close the pipe in the bathroom, you need to stock up on supplies and tools.Needed guide profiles puncher, starting profile, fasteners, screwdriver, screwdriver, level, blade assembly and, in fact, of the panel.Note that the pipe should be checked, before closing them.For defects that they have to fix that soon disassemble design.On the wall is applied to the markup, it is necessary to fix the guide profiles.It creates a framework for the installation of the panels.Attach the profile of the walls can be using the gun, and dowel-nails.When it is assembled, you can place the panel by means of screws.


So close the pipe in the bathroom plasterboard.This option is chosen by many.After all, the material is subjected to any further finish - painted, glued wallpaper, tiles and so on.However, the process will be more time-consuming than in the previous case.You will need to build a frame of wooden slats or profile.Then you need to cut the panel without departing from the measurements.Plasterboard panels eventually mounted on the frame.There are a number of nuances that will help carry out the work correctly.Firstly, cutting out the panel, use a knife assembly.Secondly, if you are building a box, always leave the revision hatches.Third, the construction should not interfere with the use of the toilet for its intended purpose.

People with rich imagination knows how to close the pipe in the toilet in another way.You can use a decorative finish.Just paste over the pipe mosaic.