Dads Tips: How to take a baby?

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Although this article is not about education, we think you will be interesting, because saving people - it is responsible.And even more so if you are planning or waiting for addition in your family.So we just stand aside and tells you how to take delivery right.

If you are in the country, either waiting for help in some remote place, and your favorite suddenly ventured to give birth, then listen, as advised to behave Helena Latartseva, neonatologists, head of training courses for childbirth in pregnant women and couplescouples, perinatal psychologist hospital number 4 in Moscow.

Step 1

Call in "fast" and communicate their coordinates.Usually generic process takes a long time, so the time to get to a maternity hospital there."The rapid and swift childbirth (3.5-4 hours) are very rare," - says Helena.Now prepare a clean place to birth, clean diapers and blankets, boil a pair of scissors and thread. "Adjusting for the extreme conditions can be replaced with a pair of scissors knife, boiling - the processing of alcohol and blankets - to pieces skin seats.Not yet begun intense struggle, the woman should move.Small slopes and walking will help to relax the spine.

Step 2

¬ęChildbirth - a natural physiological process of programmed in the subconscious of a woman.In most cases, active intervention is not required, but all the same, this process is unpredictable, "- explains Helena.While not intensive contractions about every 20 minutes, the woman should take a deep breath in the nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.For example, at a breath count from 1 to 5, and when you exhale - from 1 to 10. In the interval between contractions a woman should rest and relax as much as possible - there will massage the inside of the thighs.If the interval between contractions 5-6 minutes, and the pain intensified, need to breathe more often, three intermittent breaths through the nose, exhale slowly through your mouth.When will the attempts themselves, lay her on her back.Now we need to breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale then tuzhas.During the battle you need to breathe so 3 times.

Step 3

As soon as the head, support it with your left hand and the right boldness of the nose and mouth mucus.If the child is breathing interferes with fetal bladder, tear it.See that the umbilical cord is not wrapped around his neck."Keeping the newborn need in the palm, belly down, his head slightly below the level of the body" - advises Doctor.A few minutes after birth to make one unit right in the belly of the newborn, the other - at a distance of 10 cm. Then, cut the umbilical cord in the middle, and the cut ends of processed alcohol.Wrap the baby in something clean, tell the mother and rubs her belly with a wet towel until it leaves the placenta."But in order to avoid bleeding do not pull on the cord" - warns the doctor.

Step 4

Take a wife and child to the doctor, and only then blow to the grocery store.And I am ready to thirteen years to hear: "I do not ask me to give birth!¬Ľ

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