How to determine the number of children on the arm of women and men?

We live in a world where the development of medicine and technology.However, many still remain true to ancient traditions, follow signs and beliefs, as well as use divination to predict their fate.If you believe in palmistry, and with an interest in the results of divination by hand, you probably want to know what she would say about children.This method is especially interested in women who are at an early age begin to experience the maternal instinct and the same question.Want to learn how to determine the number of children on the arm?Read the article and check the method described on their own experience.

Palmistry knows the answers to life's questions

each line in palmistry or bump have their value and are responsible for different aspects of our lives.This can be a health and marriage, happiness and longevity, nature and children.On the last, and we want to find out.Is it true that using the principles of this science, you can own to learn how to determine the number of children on the arm?This is true, but the process requires care and concentration, as well as a real desire and faith.It should also be said that the results will be quite conventional.What does it mean?The fact is that at the moment there are many ways to change the natural course of life, including children.On the hand, you will learn just what you are destined by fate, but in fact you are only able to influence the reality (we are talking about contraception, abortion, which is not absolutely positive developments, but they have a place in the modern world).

learn about children in their hand

If you are willing to learn that the fate in store for you, you can begin to divination.First you need to understand where the line of children on hand.This place is located under the base of the little finger on the hill of Mercury.The lines may be several: namely their number and indicates the number of children.They're vertical and have different degrees of severity: one weak and thin, the other clear and deep.The clearer and deeper the line, the more healthy and successful baby.But intermittent and weak lines - not a good sign, presaging disease and other possible trouble with the future baby.By the way, on the hand, you can learn and sex of the child or children.Short line - girls, and long - boys.And do not forget that you need to look at the left hand.

child on a man's hand

With women everything is clear, but whether a man to know how many children it will have?Indeed, some of them are also interested in this issue.There are several important differences that must be taken into account.So, how to determine the number of children on the arm representative of the male?See also needed, but to talk differently.The fact that the hand of man shows the children with whom he is close.For example, live in the same house, often spend time together, to experience a warm feeling, take care to protect.If a child lives separately (for example, divorce remained with the mother), rarely communicates with his father, and between them there is no spiritual connection, that such a child will not see the man, wondering at hand.But I can see a close, but not the native (receiver).So do not be surprised if you have a husband, get different results the number of children.

Believe, but do not trust blindly

knowledge about how to determine the number of children on the arm, not enough to get an accurate answer.This is for many reasons, the nuances and circumstances, especially in the modern world.So just be guided by your intuition, desire and opportunity, and life definitely give you as many children as you want.