Conspiracy for an exam or other student customs

exams at all times was considered in some mysterious and sacred act.The procedure itself is full of their traditions and even endowed with certain rituals.Usually directly precede the delivery of a sleepless night and a strong emotion.Who was a student, to not forget the pre-exam jitters confused thoughts and shaking hands in front of the audience.The emotional component - an integral part of any examination.And not everything is always decides the level of training is not the last role played by luck on the exam.May be lucky or unlucky with the ticket, the mood of the teacher.And saving "machine" Students always hopes to last.And no wonder that handing over the desire by hook or by crook, to increase chances of a successful outcome of the "confrontation" with the teacher, using even a plot for an exam.

And as you know, if you work hard, then good luck can "catch the tail."Students in the majority - people are superstitious, and then it's not only in poor level of knowledge of certain individuals.Plots for exams used as eternal slovens admitted to the session by accident and girls excellent pupil diligently Bison material the day before.

Students will take a lot of customs and that are associated with exams.Someone with the session stops shaving and cutting hair, someone on the eve of trial does not wash his head, afraid to wash away all the accumulated knowledge.It is believed that before going to bed for the exam can not be refilled, and the first step is to make sure it follows the left foot.With the same legs and need to go into the audience.During the exam usually ask that someone scolded dealer or used fingers crossed until it comes out of the audience.

believed that if taken for a fellow student who had just successfully passed, it will bring good luck - also a kind of tactile plot on the exam.Classical etude is a copper coin, planted in the left shoe "for luck."

Another belief: if you put a textbook and lecture notes under the pillow during sleep that the knowledge gained foothold, and they filled the gaps in educational material.

actively used even prayers and incantations to take the examination.And they come in several forms.For example, the very popular prayer, uttered in the clothes in which the examinee will appear before a teacher.

There is also a plot for an exam which aims to bring together all the knowledge of the elongated ticket ever received in my life.

There are ways to attract good luck, aimed at a specific teacher, the relationship with whom the student is poor.It is believed that if a conspiracy to hold the exam properly, anger at the mercy of professors will be replaced.

Even the most superstitious students understand that some superstitions and conspiracy "excellent" does not get it.Someone fixes the semi-mystical rites of the good old crib, and someone and knowledge.Centuries passed

students, and while the plot for a successful exam is still practiced, but the most loyal and reliable way to close the session - it is good to be prepared.