How to choose the right size unit PBS

Any construction is known, begins with the construction of the foundation.It can be formed as a trench by placing the concrete mass, and by means of concrete blocks.Block dimensions PBS usually chosen depending on the load on the foundation structures and sizes.Also, if there is a need for a certain color scheme, for example, highlight the plinth, then use blocks of different colors: gray, red, yellow, green.

for laying in the foundation of the house is most often used for foundation blocks FBS rectangular.Dimensions chosen depending on the length and height of the wall, which will rely on them as well as its material and structural system.If you plan to build a multi-storey building, the blocks need to be laid under the concrete pad.

Foundation blocks: the sizes and types of

blocks have different markings, corresponding to their type, such as PBS - solid;FSF - hollow, FB - with cut.

basic block sizes of PBS - is the height of which is substantially the same for all products made according to the standard (60 cm), width (total four sizes from 30 to 60 cm) and a length that is a multiple of 30 (60, 90, 120 and 240cm).All of these parameters also indicate labeling in decimeters (e.g., PBS 6-3-6 means that this unit is designed for wall construction and has 6 parameters dm in length, 3 dm in width and 6 dm in height).Sometimes labeling also indicates the type of concrete used for the production of the unit: "t" - heavy, "n" - a porous, "with" - lime.All other block sizes PBS can make to order.

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Select blocks on the basis of the vertical load, which is determined by calculations at the design stage of the building.Dimensions also depend on whether the density of concrete has been used for their casting.All blocks are reinforced and have special hinges with which it is convenient and transported and laid in place.

Since the blocks are produced in the factory, it ensures their high durability and reliability, they are resistant to external influences.However, to prevent the ingress of moisture is still recommended to coat the outside of the waterproofing mixture, especially if there is a possibility of raising groundwater.

Subtleties mounting block foundation

Mounting block foundation favorably at the time of construction, as compared with the casting of monolithic and does not require a continuous formwork because blocks FBS, the dimensions of which are standard, reducing the number of vertical joints and allow us to make it moresolid.When calculating the required number of units should not forget about the multiplicity of 30. If the length of the wall is divided into 30, you can always choose the desired number of items.If residue remains, the blocks can be arranged, and the gaps between them repaired reinforced inserts.Willingness foundation for walls comes about a week.All joints between the blocks, both horizontal and vertical, filled with a solution, which is recommended to enter a waterproofing additive.The thickness of the solution layer will affect the size of the block of FBS.To carry out the building of underground utilities (water, sewer, electricity) should be left small gaps between the elements in a pre-planned areas, so you do not drill them.