Lime water in the home medicine cabinet, cosmetology and cooking

solution of calcium hydroxide - is simply lime water whose formula Ca (OH), obtained by the introduction of lime into the water.But in order to obtain a clear solution as a tear without taste and smell, it is not enough to just throw in a jar of water with slaked lime or quicklime.Apart from the danger of such an experiment in a simple cuisine (after all, the addition of the substance in the water leads to an exothermic reaction), you get a muddy toxic liquid.It is better to buy a solution to the pharmacy.More precisely, the order, because it is prepared specifically in connection with a short shelf life.But for the preparation of the liquid it will take a few days - it has repeatedly advocated and filtered.

Lime water, thanks to its alkaline reaction, is widely used in medicine.Where necessary to neutralize the effect of acid - in the acidity of the stomach, in the treatment of bladder - it is irreplaceable.It is added to the milk if the infant diarrhea, wash it slowly healing wounds, treat it boils, acne, some types of herpes, fungus and eczema.In the form of this liquid baths used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, in the form of enemas - with ulcerative colitis, a catheter is inserted into the bladder for irrigation.Inside the solution prescribed to pregnant women because it has beneficial effects on the formation of the skeleton of the fetus.

If desired solution lime weak consistency can be cooked at home.Take 20 eggs, gently wash their laundry soap, cook hard-boiled.What the boiled eggs, pour into a separate container.Sami eggs for food use, and the shell - for the preparation of the desired fluid.First, if possible, remove the inner film.Then grind in a mortar shell, fold it into a 3-liter jar.Boil water from the eggs, pour boiling water shell, close the lid caproic, let it brew for a day.Such a solution can wash at youth acne, and when acidity it cook.

Lime water received the most widespread in cosmetology, especially in the care of the delicate skin of babies and problem youthful skin.If you can not afford cosmetic medical liniment lotion, try to make it yourself.The very name of the drug - Liniment Oleocalcaire - shows that it contains vegetable oil (oleo-) and lime (-kalkar).So, we just something and you need two ingredients: lime water (you can buy in a drugstore or to prepare himself) and olive oil (preferably high quality, virgin).We need to take equal parts of water and oil, mix, close the container and stir thoroughly until smooth yellowish.

In conjunction with the oil of lime water is used not only to eliminate acne, but also as a massage oil, in the treatment of eczema, as a means for removing makeup.Applied to cotton pad, it can serve as an excellent means for skin care baby heals well diaper rash and redness.Store in a cool tool is - on the refrigerator door - no more than six months, and in room temperature, it is suitable for a month.

Another area where the water is used lime - cooking.For example, in the preparation of jam made from green walnuts not do without it.It is necessary to soften the shells began to take shape.For this simple broth with eggs can not do.It is necessary to use slaked lime: 500 grams put in a ceramic bowl and gently pour the five liters of cold water.Mix, leave alone and the dark for 3-4 hours, then covered with several layers of cheesecloth jar and the solution was poured into it.Immature nuts first two days just soaked in a conventional manner to remove the bitterness, and the third day they put in lime water, stirring occasionally.Then every nut pierced with a fork in several places, again soaked in plain water for 2 days.They were then immersed for 10 minutes in boiling water, allow to dry on a sieve, and only then cook until cooked in sugar syrup with cloves and lemon juice.The effort is worth it!