How to prepare for the winter pickled apples with rye flour and other recipes

pickled apples for a long time procured winter zealous housewives in large quantities.We loved them commoners, however, and Local and metropolitan refused to know not to eat spicy snack.Recipes pickles preserved set on any, as they say, the taste.Some of them probably will be for you the way.

¬ęBread" salting

first thing we suggest you try it - it's pickled apples with rye flour.They have a very peculiar - bread - a pleasant taste and aroma.Harvested fruits in this recipe is best in oak barrels.Previously they should be steamed infusion of chamomile, which is perfectly disinfects and will not allow the products formed in the mold.To pickled apples with rye flour were Kripen'ka and appetizing smell, the bottom of the container, be sure to pave a layer of cherry and blackcurrant leaves.And the fruits if they had just been removed from the tree, do not rush to conserve.They must lie down for a day or 4 somewhere under a canopy on the street or in a cool corridor.Among the varieties that are usually taken to pieces, the most delicious are obtained Antonov pickled apples with rye flour.Yes, antonovka - the undisputed leader.Good variety and Pepin, Calvin.And note: All fruit must be healthy, not affected moth and other pests.

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How is it done

now an important point: "brew" the dough under the pickled apples with rye flour.To do this in an enamel pan pour the flour layer of about 10 centimeters, and can be a little less.Pour the boiling water, stirring until smooth.Allow to cool.Note: The dough should be quite a lot.They covered pickled apples - antonovka or other chosen grade.Place a layer of fruit tails up on the bottom of the prepared barrel, test seal the gaps between them, and then seal the apples themselves.Then again Antonovka layer and a layer of dough.At the end of the fill pickled apples antonovka right amount of water, always cold.Suitable for both settled tap and Kolodeznaya.Barrel close.However, during the first few days, the water must be periodically add, t. To. Apples quickly absorb it.A week later, close the barrel tightly and leave sour apples and reach condition.About a month and a half open, get, wash and eat: antonovka turns on this recipe vigorous, delicious, juicy, one word - what we need!

Sour-sweet treat

literally melt in your mouth sweet-sour pickled apples.The recipe, homemade special secrets preservation of fruits is not known to many.But for you they will be available!Already mentioned earlier and sustained after collecting apples, wash in cold water.Lay them on the three-liter jar or bottle large volume to the top.The banks, depending on the volume Stir in 3 more tablespoons of sugar, pour cold water.And giving the fruit sticks, inserting them into the necks of bottles to your well-soaked with marinade pickled apples.Recipe (home technology each family its own, but here it is better to follow the general guidelines) does not recommend putting in pouring salt.But a handful of peas allspice and clove buds, sprigs of mint will be useful.Filled cans close kapron lids and keep in a cool place.When apples are sour, their wonderful rich flavor you very much!

Apples special

Want to learn how to make pickled apples on one of the most unusual recipe?They are so good that not only extremely tasty and healthy turn out, but good food, except fruit, and pouring.After all, it is of pumpkin juice!To prepare the product suitable oak vats, nevyscherblennye enameled buckets and pots.Trained, seasoned apples lay in neat rows.After each series of blow off some pumpkin juice.How to do it, you ask.Believe me, any hostess is easy to deal with that!You will need, of course, pumpkins, ripe and desirable sweet.Cut them into slices, remove seeds.Pulp chop into cubes, add to the pan, pour a little water and simmer until fully tender.After porridge mash them into a puree and apple refuel.Cover the pan with a clean cloth conservation, set on top of the yoke.Keep apples in the cellar or other cool place.Six weeks later they are ready.

Urinating ordinary

Well, at the end of another good recipe for how to make pickled apples, very light.To carry it out, you need a lot of cherry leaves.They paved with the bottom of the container, which are stacked apples.Leaves also shifted canned fruit, so they do not rub against skin and hesitated.Prepare the brine: for every liter of water taken 3 spoons of salt, boil several times, adding to taste of tarragon, basil, coriander, allspice, bay leaf.Then the brine is cool and pour in the apples.Leave canned for a week at room temperature, top up periodically fill.Then, when fermentation is finished, cover the container with apples oppression and keep in a cool place.Apples turn out delicious!