Psychological protection and its species

Psychological protection refers to a special regulatory system, stabilize the individual, aimed at minimizing the effects of negative emotions.Its function is to fence the consciousness of traumatic negative experiences.Protective mechanisms of the psyche are aimed at the complete or partial elimination of feelings of anxiety arising out of the conflict that endangers personal integrity.

Types of psychological defense

mental reactions usually do not release the person from the problem, but only temporarily protect it, helping to "survive" in a crisis situation.Psychological protection only "protected", and the problem remains, and is transferred to all the loved ones and family members.The man in ordinary life becomes strange zakompleksovannym and inadequate.

Reaction formation - this is a state where one is exaggerated emotional aspect of the situation in order to suppress the opposite emotions.For example, the maximum punctuality, to eliminate the desire to be independent and free.

Wipe - pushed out of consciousness the painful memories and feelings, impulses.A person simply "did not have time", "forgotten", "I did not do."

asceticism - the rejection of the pleasures of a proud and confident air.

Sewerage aggression on others is manifested in a latent sense of guilt.

Reverse feeling - redirect momentum over any other person, the transformation of his behavior from an active to a passive (sadism goes into masochism or vice versa).

Sublimation - the conversion energy, aggression - in political activity, and sex - in creativity.

Denial - willful disregard of the realities that cause pain as if they are not "heard", "did not see" and others;ignoring the obvious signals, incentives.

Transfer (moving, transference) - the change of the object that caused the feelings.Manifested transfer reaction to real and dangerous object in the relatively safe (children or other people).

Splitting - the separation of the negative and positive image of the object and in the "I", that is,change assessments themselves and others, inaccurate assessment.

Phobias - limitation of actions and thoughts in order to avoid these that can cause anxiety, fear.

Identification with the aggressor - an imitation of behavior or aggressive manner of external authority.

Intellectualization rationale - the way experiences of the conflict, a long discussion, a "rational" explanation of what happened (in fact - a false explanation).

Isolation of affect - manifested suppression of feelings associated with certain negative thoughts.

Regression - a return to an earlier age (helplessness, alcohol, smoking and other reactions).

devaluation - is minimizing something important, and denial of it.

Primitive idealization manifests itself as an exaggeration of prestige and power of the other person.

repression manifested suppression of desires.

Escapism - the ultimate goal of avoiding the situation.It can be physically or indirectly to protect themselves from the specific communication.

Autism manifests itself deep in yourself.

Fanaticism - psychological defense, with which the imaginary merges with aspiration and reality.

Psychological protection without behavioral and psychological assistance

If a person alone can not cope with the problem, but to professional assistance does not address psychological protection can lead to the fact that his circle of communication is shrinking.He is forced to limit the lifestyle and make it very specific.Later maladjustment gradually increases.Sometimes there are psychosomatic diseases, increasing internal tension and anxiety.Protective lifestyle becomes a habitual form of life, which may lead to further mental disorders of varying degrees.