Let us look for a rhyme to the name of Dima

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rhyme simple name Dima suddenly it became necessary.Do not miss all those Dima.Now we "pomusolit" your name.The theme of our argument - the name rhymes Dima.

origin of the name and its meaning

Let's start.The goddess of earth and fertility, Demeter of ancient Greek mythology, was the instigator of the appearance of the male named Dima.Literally, it means: the goddess Demeter (Mitra).Church Slavonic form - Dimitri, Old - Dmitry.

From the thirteenth century, as its diminutive form of the name used Mitya, in the last century it was to press a new version based on the pronunciation of the church - Dima or Tim.

Enough voluminous full list Dmitriev, and even the False Dmitry, who left his mark in history, but this topic deserves special consideration.Features

nature lucky owners of the name have both positive and negative sides.But, perhaps, can be identified as the main features of sociability Dmitriev, temper, desire and ability to 'high', preoccupation with women, the ability to taste all the delights of drinking, without becoming a slave to the potion.The most important quality, even defining ideology and existence, is a boundless love for the mother and her subordination.

some rhyme to the name Dima

If Tim was given the name - will be unique life!I am hoping that in the development of the individual value of the name does not play a primary role, move on to the main topic of our discussion.There is rhyme to the name of Dima, who are able to significantly impair the life of a boy and a teenager.List of words with the name of harmony in the mighty Russian language, is large enough.Here are some examples: past, indivisible, loved, needed, indefatigable apparently unattainable power mode, inseparable, vulnerable, sex, curable admissible essary.This is not the complete list.At first glance, nothing unusual, ridiculous or even offensive can not be "bungled" from this set.But there it was.Russian human ingenuity knows no bounds, especially if it will allow a good laugh.For example, one rhyme to the name Dima - funny, but harmless: "If you are called Dima, smile for the picture. If you gave the name of Tim - will be unique life!"

It's a shame, huh?

often hear a lot of derivatives on behalf of Dima, which is especially important for children and adolescents.Dimarik, Demas, Mitya, Dimon, Mitya, Dimulya, Dimock, hence continued: "If your name is Dima, do not try to be past."These variations are at times increase the rhyme to the name of Dima.Offensive and not very caustic and funny.By and large, it all depends on the response of the person.Here are a few examples are enough unpleasant declination:

  • If Tim and glasses, and a flashlight in his hand, then you have more, you have Dimarik.
  • Dimas - Fantomas, diver, rock climber!
  • Mityai - raspistyay.
  • Mityai - sniveling wimp.
  • Demon - Dimon vodyary eats a lemon.
  • Dimon idol at the shoulder straps, Dimon happiness car, Dimon does not drink cologne, Dimon - he sets the heat.Dimon did not think crows.
  • Well, you fucking unbearable, look, Tim, you - goatskins.

laugh at a

As already mentioned, a large role in the perception of a person's character plays a teasing.Even quite harmless and funny rhyme to the name Dima may be perceived as a monstrous insult.And the more negative reactions manifested in earnest, the harder bullied around, enjoying the confusion and irritation of the victim.If relate easily to an event, understanding that this is a banter that can afford only the best, and so shameless friends, life will not be gloomier.

Just a few examples of the name Dima rhyme for you:

  • Do not be afraid enema, Dima, the brain must be clean!And do not you clap your eyes, think of the brain, not sing.
  • If roebuck on the nose, do not you Dima, you Dimulya.
  • Dimka - in shorts nevedimki.
  • Dima - govnische of sweaty world.
  • Dima - domestic seksmashina.
  • Dimulёnok - demanёnok.
  • Dima - a name not for the stupid blond, and for a complete nerd!
  • progress Dimon - tremble riot!
  • Sly Dmitry.
  • Dimon - pokimon!

In conclusion, we recall that the same or similar in the sense of rhyme can think of any other name.So, if you decided to name his son Dima, that name is not worse than any other.The main thing - to bring out the son of the man.And then, if someone will come up with a rhyme for it, only to inoffensive friendly jokes!