Did you know, a baker's dozen - how much is it?

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in human consciousness there was a stereotype that the number 13 - is a bad omen.Nobody wants to live in a room beneath these figures to sit on a seat under similar symbols and Friday 13th general everyone wants to hurry through.However, no one can say why, so why 13 - a baker's dozen, and how is it so terrible.Let's see if everything is so bad, where it came from belief and maybe it's not so bad?


Baker's Dozen, or just the number thirteen is an interesting and unusual phenomenon.No other number does not imply such a huge amount of will and superstitions, predicting trouble.What is a baker's dozen, specifically do not know a single person, but there are some interesting facts: number 13 - is not only a misfortune, but also fear.Illness associated with a fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia.

Terdekafobiya (another name) - this is a painful fear of the number 13. This fear and superstition at the same time.Ever since historical times, all it has to religious prejudices.The fear caused by the approach of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekafobiey or paraskavedekatriafobiey.

What accounts for fears?

There is no single answer.If you ask a baker's dozen - as is, with all confidence say - thirteen.However, people ask the same question, where did unfounded superstition.The exact theory will not nominate any of them.There are several versions of what is connected with the fear of a baker's dozen.

According to Biblical tradition Judas Iscariot at the Last Supper sitting at the table is the thirteenth.In the nineteenth century in Europe there was a belief that one can not at the same table to gather 13 people, or one of the guests die within a year.Also among Christians it was believed that the thirteenth "man" himself was the Antichrist.

Another hypothesis is related to the fear of the number 13, due to the fact that the lunisolar calendar, there were some 13 months.At the same time, the Islamic lunar and solar calendars, the Gregorian prove that one year - 12 months.

Some facts on the topic of a baker's dozen

British Navy once released the ship, which was called "Friday the 13th."The first trip came as the ship on that day.Nobody never saw a ship.

Say baker's dozen - how much is it?Of course, thirteen.That August 13 was born Fidel Castro, April 13 (also on Friday) Butch Cassidy was born - the robber trains and banks.The very fate of the way prejudge the fate of humanity in the world.

Many hospitals can boast the fact that they lack the Chamber at No. 13. Also, some high-rise buildings are not numbered 13 floor.

«Pekarskaya Dozen»

That is called a baker's dozen in the UK.Although such a beautiful title, people believe that these figures can not promise anything good.Earlier in this country 13 had the same title as well as in other states.However, once in the UK passed a law according to which the bakers had to pay a penalty if their pound loaf of bread not up to standards.That gives bread shrinkage is known to one and all, so to avoid punishment all merchants who take the bread out of the bakers, bought a loaf to each additional dozen.Extra bread called unbread and cut into pieces for the loaf, which weighed a little less than a pound.That is why in the United Kingdom on the issue, a baker's dozen - as is, and always meet all 13 - baking a dozen.

Happiness on the number 13

Despite all of these troubles from a baker's dozen, there are some facts that are in favor of this, and saying that it is able to bring happiness and joy.Thus, in ancient times it was believed that the one who in the group was 13-m, to predict the power and strength.An example of an all-powerful god Zeus stands that surround the 12 gods.That is why neither Plato nor Ovid did not frighten question: baker's dozen - how much is it?In those days they did not know who the hell, and the number 13, they caused only delight and joy.

Ulysses was 13th among his comrades.And he managed to escape from a single Cyclops.13 Buddha housed in the Indian pantheon.United States - a country that was formed under the auspices of the apparent number 13, today is a strong, powerful state.

Military people do not believe in the power of the number thirteen.In the days of the Great Patriotic War was the Soviet submarine "S-13" was the most successful of all the submarines of the Baltic fleet.She took part in the most dangerous operations, but always comes out the winner of the situations that were considered doomed.

This gives a basis to discard prejudices, to establish for themselves that among the 13 there is nothing to worry about.I always say, seeing somewhere designation 13: "Oh, a baker's dozen!This is how much good with me today can happen. "