How to improve iq.

According to statistics, iq srednestatistichnogo Russians still 96, while residents in Japan the figure is 105, and the indigenous inhabitant of Equatorial Guinea - 66. Scientists have long come to the conclusion that between the well-being of any country and an average level of intelligenceits inhabitants there is a clear direct correlation.

in respect of a single person can assert the same thing - the more developed his mental capacities, the more likely to achieve success in life and realize their potential.People who iq & gt; 110, as a rule, have higher education and occupy leading positions in their field become true professionals.Therefore many wonder how to increase iq, and as far as practicable.

You can use the program, which can be used for 7 days to increase their IQ by about 17 points.Print this plate and hang it on the wall somewhere in a conspicuous place or just keep on the table at hand to make sure we do not miss the next session.The most important thing in any training - it is the constancy of employment.Data not difficult to adhere to the recommendations, the main thing - to set a goal and to follow the plan.However, do not take advice too literally - it's only a general guide to action.

How to improve iq?The Action Plan


What to do?

Time (min.)


Increase IQ (in points)


play games related to short-term memory, like the Dual N-BackOnline or eat some grapes


development of short-term memory allow to stir the mind and make it more agile, and the use of grapes or grape juice, so rich in various antioxidants can improve ourability to memorize.

+ 4


take creatine or eat beef


Creatine is used as a sports supplement for larger muscles of the body.It is also much in beef dishes.Studies have shown that a daily intake of 5 grams of creatine allows for 6 weeks to increase iq 15 points.This substance increases the amount of energy in the brain, which is necessary for computing operations.



Play a game of "Scrabble┬╗ ( or


strengthen and enhance vocabulary - great advice tohe wants to learn how to improve iq.Once in the drawing words from a given number of letters can be both on the Internet with other players, and the phone with the computer.



play your favorite video game (it was the turn Call of Duty)


Video capable ulushit our visual perception of the world around us, which,in turn, it is one of the main factors to improve iq.



Stop slouching at the table - a march on the treadmill!


Scientists Swedish Institute of psychology and neuroscience have confirmed that a healthy and being in good shape cardiovascular system is able to increase mental capacity by 50%.



Work out in the decision of IQ-test


Our intellect in terms of training is similar mishtsam - the more we give him a variety of tasks, the strongerhe becomes.



time to be a vegetarian


number of studies have revealed a pattern between a vegetarian diet and a high IQ.So be sure your diet includes some of the vegetables.



196 minutes or 3.5 hours

17 points

Well, now you know howhow to improve iq, it remains only to start the practice.You can train your mind on the way to school or work, sitting in a bus or on foot.We recommend first using tests to identify those areas in which the lowest results, and then select the appropriate exercise.For example, if you want to improve your counting skills, can be summed up in the mind of numbers of passing cars, etc.Practice often - and it certainly will give the result.