How to harden the child: advice for parents

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It's no secret that the hardening is very good for health.The body of the child is best tempered brings sudden changes in temperature, drafts and wet walking legs.However, many parents refuse to strengthen procedures, believing that this will necessarily pour the crumbs of ice water and run barefoot in the snow.Some, on the contrary, just do not know how to temper the child.

Hardening - a set of treatments that strengthen the immune system.As a result, the child's body becomes more resistant to the adverse effects of various environmental factors.The basis of such procedures is useful systematic training of the body by exposure to these same factors or complex.Knowing how to temper the child correctly, you can quickly achieve positive results.Regular strengthening procedures contribute to a gradual restructuring process of thermoregulation, allowing the baby body quickly adapts to a changing environment without harm to health.

How to Start a child's temper?

First of all, parents should try to make the family was friendly, relaxed atmosphere.Because quarrels and scandals in the presence of a child hurt his immature mind, this may lead to neurosis.This significantly weakens the body's defenses.Equally important is the daily routine.If you do not comply with treatment (permit not to sleep during the day and night to play until late, walk in the fresh air to replace the games room, overfeeding sweets) then no longer work properly and function of all organs and systems of the child's body.This inevitably weakens the immune system.

Most parents wonder about when to begin to strengthen the body, and not just as a child's temper.1 year, 4-5 years, 6-7 years, and even - this is the age when you can catch a lot.Of course, those children whose parents are quenched from birth, have a strong immune system and is able to withstand a variety of colds.However, age - not the main thing, the main thing here - the regularity.Treatments that strengthen the immune system, should become as natural a process as sleeping, eating, walking.

How to harden the child: the main recommendations

  1. hardening can start regardless of the season.

  2. positive effect can be achieved only by systematic studies.Without constant adherence to the results that were obtained are reduced.

  3. unacceptable to a sharp increase in the duration and intensity of treatments, because hypothermia can only harm the child's body.

  4. If a child is sick, you can start the procedure of hardening only after complete recovery.

  5. most important thing: all the procedures should bring the child only positive emotions.

approximate schedule procedures:

  • after waking up - air bath for 15 minutes, 7 minutes of them - gymnastics;

  • after - wash water from the waist up 16-17 degrees, if you are just starting hardening - 27 degrees;

  • before and after the morning washing - gargling with water: it is recommended to start with 36-33 degrees, decreasing by 1 degree every 5 days, bringing the water temperature to 18-16 degrees.

best time for sunbathing - 8-11 am, duration of exposure to the sun - 30 minutes.Tempered child washing water can be replaced with a cool shower.After an afternoon nap useful contrast baths for feet, they can also be replaced by dousing.Initially, the water temperature should be 28 degrees, then gradually (decreasing every 4 days) should bring it up to 16 degrees.

favorable time for tempering procedures - morning and afternoon.During this period, children develop better responses to adapt to fluctuations in temperature.

systematic, gradual and cautious - the main principles that will help both to temper the child and establish his daily routine.