How to treat the fungus in the ear?

Recently, this question is a fungus in the ears, is quite popular.In medicine, this kind of problem was the official name otomycosis.According to experts, among all the available today inflammation localized in the ear canal, it otomycosis is the most common (20% of all cases).It is noteworthy that the fungus in the ear occurs more often in pure auditory canal.The thing is that there is create the most favorable for its development and life environment (somewhat moist and warm).Let's look at such a topical issue in more detail.

fungus in the ear.Why is he there?

the emergence of this disease may affect:

  • hormonal drugs for quite a long time.
  • constant ingress of water.
  • use of hearing aids / headphones.
  • Cleaning passes through the cotton swabs

fungus in the ear.Primary symptoms

Most often, this problem affects both the right ear canal.Upon detection of the primary symptoms described below, it is recommended to immediately seek help from a qualified professional, who later and will select competent treatment.Symptoms:

  • regular dizziness;
  • noises in the ears;
  • noticeable hearing loss;
  • headache;
  • itching and discomfort.

ear fungus treatment folk remedies

  1. Some patients do not trust traditional medicine, folk prefer her recipe.Thus, the most popular treatment is considered by most conventional peroxide.It should be gently moisten a cotton ball in the solution, and then squeeze out all the liquid into the ear canal.While the solution will foam, it is better to lie still.The whole procedure takes less than ten minutes.On its completion should be flushed ear.Suffice four such procedures, and the problem you do not remember.
  2. Another way - the use of walnut oil.It can be bought in almost every pharmacy.Treatment should start with one drop means and then increase to four.Before the procedure is recommended to thoroughly clean the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and only then pour the oil pipette.This treatment is best done before bedtime.

Recommended treatment

At the moment, there are many proven drugs to get rid of such problems.This preparations "naftifine" "Terbinafine" "Nitrofungin" and many others.Most often, doctors prescribe a drop in the ears of the fungus, since they instantly penetrate to the center of the disease and are trying to neytrolizivat.Before the direct application of a drug experts strongly recommend gently clean the ear canal of the accumulated dirt: since the penetration of the drug will be much easier and much faster.You can do this by using the "Resorcinol".Therapy itself usually does not exceed four weeks (standard).It is important to note that during the entire period of treatment, the doctor should be obliged to monitor the microflora ear.