How to comb your hair right after washing?

you know how often relies comb your hair?And what are the requirements for this process?And also how to comb hair correctly: before washing or after?On all these issues, there are some answers.

What form to choose a comb?

Before you comb your hair properly will determine the tool - pick comb or brush.You may need even both.

to treat hair every day, need a comb.If they often go awry, the teeth should be very rare.If you have dandruff, you will need to comb with teeth is very frequent.

How to choose a toothbrush?First you need to pay attention to her teeth.They should not be sharp and hard.Such tools for combing will hurt the scalp, scratching it.Before buying the brushes you need to carefully examine her bristle.It must be hard.The base is better to choose the rubber.

Brush is good that combines brushing massage the scalp.Soft and smooth movements stimulate the blood flow to the roots.From this significantly improves the power of hair.To achieve this effect, the massage will need to purchase a brush with bristles the most rare.Well, when the bristles are gathered in small bunches and are separated by a good distance, then it will be easy to comb brush even the most thick hair.

about how to properly brush comb hair, will be discussed later.

comb what material to choose?

If you go to the shops, you can see that the most popular material for combs - plastic.Is it the most useful and whether using it to answer the question of how to comb hair correctly?It turns out that there is.Such combs electrify much hair, which negatively affects their condition.

But plastic utensils do not require special care.They are easy to wash conventional detergents.At the same time they are strong enough and durable.

If a woman really cares how to comb hair correctly, then it should pay attention to the natural materials.And it will be wood or horn.The first is great for any type of hair and does not injure the skin.However, it is not easy to keep clean.Yes, and such material absorbs moisture very strongly.Therefore, the life of a wooden comb is usually small.

products antlers are considered the best.This is due to the fact that it is as close to the nature of the composition of hair.Such combs also have a major drawback, which is associated with spoilage of warm and hot water.

What is the care of the combs?

To avoid heavy dirt tools for combing, they rely wipe after each use.For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a solution of ammonia.It should take just a tablespoon per gallon of water.

If the comb is very dirty skin flakes, dust and grease, you will need to prepare a cleaning agent and a hard brush.She will need to thoroughly clean all the teeth and the spaces between them.Then comb need to rinse with clean water and good wipe.

bristles with regular use of the brush to lose its rigidity.It can return via the weak liquor alum.It will need to hold the brush several minutes.

Tips for combing hair

  • Experts advise to carry out this procedure at least three times a day.After waking up, in the afternoon (after returning from work) and at bedtime.
  • Movement comb must be smooth.
  • duration scratching too has its importance is how to comb her hair.For a reference point we can recall tips grandmothers.They recommended that the comb 10 times a day and spend at each strand 10 times.
  • wet hair too vulnerable, so comb them is strictly prohibited.

What are the rules of posture and scratching?

Here there are two options: a lying or sitting.In both cases, the head and the hair should hang loose.If you go to bed, then put his head on the edge of the sofa.A sitting - to lower it down between your knees.

horizontal position or tilt of the head is required to improve blood circulation.The hair comb is necessary since the nape.Comb should be moving in all directions.After 3-5 minutes of this procedure, the skin will be feeling the heat.This is a sign that signals the intensification of blood flow.Hair follicles begin to get high-calorie diet.From this, they become stronger, healthier and begin to grow faster.

If your hair has a tendency to diseases, it is necessary to comb movements alternated with light stroking his hand.This procedure helps to evenly distribute the sebum hair.From this, they become more elastic, shiny and strong.

it possible to comb wet hair?

This question interests of those women who wash their hair in the morning and have them quickly dry and brush.Sometimes even without waiting for them at least partial drying.And yet, how to comb hair: dry or wet?

Trichologists strongly advised not to work on hair comb, until they are wet or damp.This is due to the fact that the hair rod, there is one very important feature.Hygroscopic.It consists in that the hair absorbs water.And at times her weight is one third of the weight of the hair.This feature leads to the fact that the locks are very heavy.Additional load in the form of combing leads to hair break and pulled out.

Another nuance that speaks against combing after washing is that the hair is deformed under the influence.From this, they are cut and fade.

The last argument - against the scalp moist and steamed.She was not able to fully hold the hair.

What if I need to comb wet hair?

In this situation, too, can find a way out.It is only important to meet several conditions.So, how to comb wet hair?

  • Before washing should be well-combed hair, so they are not confused much.
  • dry hair with a towel for a few minutes.
  • Shake hair fluffed their fingers.
  • Apply indelible means to improve scratching.
  • Take a wooden or bone tool for combing (it is desirable that he had a rare teeth).
  • Separate large strand and careful movements of her comb, starting from the tips.When the crest passes freely through the hair, you can climb a little higher.

That's all.Now that you know how to correct combing hair after washing.

benefits of combing

Very often forget about this moment.But it is good to talk about after the clarification of all the nuances of how to comb her hair.

After numerous manipulations comb the scalp improves blood circulation.The secretion of the sebaceous glands increases.Namely, due to the presence of fat hair becomes smooth and elastic.And comb helps evenly distribute it throughout its length.

This process helps to remove dirt and dust that settled during the day.Combing straightens matted hair.Therefore, nutrients penetrate without hindrance to the very tip.

How to comb the hair of different lengths?

In short tips are very close to the roots.Therefore, you can start brushing directly from the roots.With medium-length tresses concerns more than short.But they are not so entangled as long.And you can comb them already from the tips, and from the middle.It all depends on their confusion.

But how combing her long hair?Yes, so as not to hurt them.

be optimal combing the hair is completely dry.This is forbidden to put a lot of effort.All movements have to be most careful.

Under no circumstances is not allowed to pull a comb in her hair.Movement supposed to start from the tips and slowly rise to the roots.Determine what combed hair or not, it can be spent on them comb.If it does not encounter obstacles and freely moves from top to bottom, this is a signal that they are well combed.

owners of long hair familiar with the situation when they go awry and produced mats.In most cases, this may occur at night.When a woman is asleep, and the room is hot, and she sweats.In the morning she will be an unpleasant surprise.We have to deal with intricate strands.

Do not immediately take up the brush.You must first try to get by with just your fingers - gently untangle the strands, which strayed into mats.Only after the fingers will move freely through the strands can include combing comb.