What dreams end of the world?

apocalypse, destruction of all life on Earth - began to talk about it is not today.Many world cultures affected one way or another the question of the end of the world.Since this topic is closely related to religion, such dreams are often perceived by people as something mystical and frightening.Of course, such a pleasant dream difficult to call, but nothing to do with mysticism or predictions it has not.

If you are curious, what dreams end of the world, you will find that the dream-books are not so much emphasis on this symbolic image.By the way, nothing frightening these interpretations there.Death in a dream is a long life, and therefore to see the end of the world in a dream - it is a good sign.Why then such dreams make us a strong feeling of anxiety and fear?Perhaps the matter is that modern media, which in the last decade, literally implanted us an idea of ​​the occurrence of the Apocalypse, a global catastrophe and end the existence of the human race.Even if you can boast of a stable psyche and

the complete lack of suggestibility, the brain still perceives and processes the information.Do not watch TV, do not read principally magazines and newspapers?Then think of modern cinema with his films.Thread the end of the world and the global catastrophe recent present and there.

answer to the question, what dreams end of the world can become a global financial crisis that has somehow touched every one of us.Financial instability and fear of the future projected in our subconscious dreams.Hence, disturbing dreams, nightmares.

To clarify the question, what dreams end of the world, can be accessed and psychology.According to experts - dushevedov, a disaster in a dream is a turning point in a person's life.The reasons for this can be weight: breakup, the death of a loved one ... Each of us their vision of the world.For some, the threat of dismissal or a call to the boss on the carpet - it is a great personal drama.According to psychologists, such dreams may indicate that the person is in a state of depression or constant time pressure.

religious revelation in a dream that preceded the end of the world indicate that the person is afraid of real life.He believes that all ganged around and looking for support from the higher powers.
In any case, these dreams - it is an occasion to review his life and everything in it is happening.

your life tranquil measured over?No event is neither good nor bad, it had not happened?Stories about global warming close destruction of the world and other horror stories you accept with a smile?Of course, in this case, is difficult to understand what dreams end of the world, and where did this frightening image in your subconscious.

According to scientists, one of the causes of nightmares can be, oddly enough, the lack of stress in real life.It turns out that such an interesting way to support our brain alert in case of an emergency.Remember, how you conduct yourself in your dreams if you are in danger?Chances are you are looking for a way to escape, while the brain is actively working on a solution.All this is even accompanied by the release of adrenaline in the blood.Stressful situations in a dream to the brain is no different from that in my life.

arguing about the meaning of dreams, it is impossible to ignore the literature that is specifically designed for the interpretation of dreams.So what say downers about what dreams flood, flood, falling meteorite and other disasters?If you compile all interpretations of dreams about natural disasters mean that your life is brewing a serious event.

was possible in a dream to watch the flow of water covering the land - wait for the fate of surprises.If the torrent and touched you - get ready for financial losses.And here is quiet and calm spill portends a favorable outcome of your case.The fall of the meteorite, and other variants of the end of human existence emphasis downers is not rewarded.Interpretations often boil down to the idea that these dreams - the lot of impressionable people.