How to weave bracelet gum on the machine: a master class

Since there Rainbow loom, needlewoman different ages learned to weave from their jewelry for wrists, hair, neck and fingers, using special machines or materials at hand, such as pencils, slingshot, fingers and so on.However, today there are those who are just trying to learn how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine.It is useful to them, and the following workshop.

Preparation for weaving bracelet "fishtail»

«fish tail" - the perfect way to create jewelry from gum for those who first wondered about how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine.For beginners suit and a slingshot.However, if you do not intend to dwell on the very simple technique of making ornaments from Rainbow loom, you should immediately buy a special machine.You will also need the required number of colored rubber bands, hook and plastic buckle.The machine must be positioned so that the notches Needlewoman watched, and the columns of two adjacent rows are at the same level.

Weave "fish tail»

Eraser need to cross the eight and put on two adjacent outer pin different loops, and on top to throw two more gum, but neperekreshchennymi.Next Rainbow loom on the lower right peg should pick up the hook and remove the two top elements and then make a similar effect with a loop on the left column.After that you need to put on another two peg gum and remove her element, appeared at the bottom.Such netting should continue until a desired length bracelet.It is worth noting that the original looks more "fish tail", if used for its manufacture Rainbow loom of different colors.At the final stage of the loop 4 at one end and the other two must be secured plastic buckle.Now you know how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine "fishtail" and could even teach the skill of their girlfriends.

Bracelet "star" of the gum on the machine: a preparatory phase and the beginning of weaving

handy people who have mastered the technique of creating a decoration "fishtail" and eager to learn more about how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine, you should payattention to the pattern of "star".For the manufacture of this product, you will need a special machine, the C- or S-shaped clasp, hook, and about 120 different colored rubber bands.It is worth noting that the bracelet looks originality if its edges are made of elements of the same color, and located inside the stars - the other.Start weaving should be of the correct positioning of the machine.So, it should be the average number of one bar ahead of the two extremes.The recesses of the machine at the same time look to the left.

Now more about how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine.Nakidyvanie colored elements on the columns must start with the right edge.First, use the Rainbow loom must be connected between a protruding rod and one that is located below it, then the 1st and 2nd pins of the bottom row, and then - the 2nd and 3rd.Similar actions should be continued as long until all the outer rows of poles of the machine will be connected by elastic bands.That it will be for the future of edging bracelet.In this column last two extreme numbers will remain untapped because at the end of the bracelet should get the same area, as in the beginning.It should be noted that the information on how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine, for beginners is not too difficult, the main thing - have a little patience and the right amount of time to spend.

bracelet gum: weaving Stars

Now you can proceed to the creation of stars, each of which is better to make different colors.To do this, the second and the middle row far right stems should throw gum.Then in a clockwise direction must continue to throw Rainbow loom, linking the center with an asterisk placed around the columns.When all 6 gums are in place, you must go to the creation of the next sprocket, the center of which will be the 4th column of the middle row.Weaving should continue as long as not all the pins will be used.For a better understanding of how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine, look closely at the photo underneath.

For convenience, and the original appearance of the finished decorations to create each sprocket is better to use elastic bands of different colors.It is worth noting that the recent extreme rods remain untapped.Next to each column of the middle row, the center of which stands an asterisk should throw gum, folded in half eight.

Removing loops and the completion of weaving bracelet "star»

machine must be turned so that the pin recesses looked right and do the following: a hook to remove the last bar of the middle row the lower loop and throw it in front of a column coming.Continue to weave a similar pattern should be as long as all the loops of the middle row will not spill over into neighboring bars.Further, the average gum every ray of stars alternately transferred to the pins, which they connect.

When all the internal elements of the bracelet will be ready, will only weave edging, for which the gum throws early in the operation.So you need every column of the lower hinge on the front going to throw pin.Work should begin with protruding pin of the middle row and move to the bottom and then from the same point of the top weave.If you find it difficult to understand how to weave a bracelet made of gum on the machine, photo, located below will help in this.

At the final stage with the help of the hook through the loop should be acting to pass a gum, and securing both ends of the hook, carefully remove the bracelet from the machine ready.After that, the product must be spread.By the deadline of its loops to attach the clasp.