What's in a name my - name meaning Leon

When the world comes a new man, parents dream to give him all the best, want the fate of a healthy and happy member of society.It is no secret that much of his life path depends on how the baby will be called.

origin of the name

Mystery named Leo has long been known.This word is universal in meaning in Latin, where it came to us, and in the Greek - yet another source of penetration in the first Slav and then Russian.It is called the lion, king of beasts.Only in Latin it sounds somewhat differently: "Leo".Name Leo, like Lyon, are common in Hispanics and romanoyazychnyh countries.Lev quite common among us.

Leo - a strong animal, graceful, menacing, magnificent.Leo name value contains the properties and qualities.A power here especially pronounced in such of its carriers, as St. Leo Katansky, who lived back in the 8th century.According to legend, he was so devoted to God, so strong was his faith that the holy bishop ascended the pyre for evidence omnipotence of God.And he was completely unharmed, thereby approving the superiority of Christianity over paganism.He was given to heal the sick and do other miracles, which is also included in the value of the name Leo.

As you would call his son

Patron of Lions is considered Sun, because the characters, and their bright, sunny, passionate, decisive.As the spring sun, they are sincere, warm-hearted, good-natured, affectionate.Mind possess sharp, observant, with a well-developed ability to analyze and make deep, wise conclusions.It is the mind of the thinker, a reasonable person in the truest sense of the word.

value named Leo confirms self-sufficiency and the depth of his personality.He patiently philosophically refers to the shortcomings and weaknesses of others, he is constantly on the path of cultivation.Search yourself, the meaning of life takes a special importance.After all Lions belong to those people who are quite firmly convinced "the soul must work", and above all its own.Because, being lenient to others, they are very hard on themselves.

Another meaning of the name Leo realized their tranquility, even a phlegmatic.All the basic, hard work is going on inside them.Outwardly they extent as fed predators.Angering them hard, even more so - to ruffle.The whole reason is their innate delicacy and benevolence.But if you need someone to help - Lions caused one of the first.

general, children, old people, sick people and defenseless in the face of Leo may find a reliable protector, friend and helper.It helps with pleasure, seeing it not only a duty but also a calling - because such behavior fits in its system of values ​​and the idea of ​​spiritual perfection.If a disaster happened close to Lviv is tantamount to personal misfortune.

By and large Lions - conservative people.The value of the name Leo suggests that they adhere to the established traditions, welcomes measured way of life and do not like unexpected shocks.

However, do not forget: lions - are predators, especially if they are angry.So Leo, if you really try and take him out of himself in anger is dangerous and uncontrollable.Therefore it is better not to offend them!

choice of profession

Creativity - life path Lions.They are tenacious and talented equally, and therefore achieve a very great deal.Poets, writers, actors, musicians, journalists, politicians, athletes - perhaps it is difficult to find an area of ​​public life where they themselves have not applied and not fully realized.Yashin, Trotsky, Tolstoy, Gumilev, Landau - all Lions, and each - a bright personality!