How to pull the sides, how to remove all the excess to the waist for a few days?

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Many women suffer from the fact that the fat accumulated in the waist area.Soft body peeking out or pants hanging from above the waves, which, of course, spoil the overall picture.What to do?How to pull the sides, how to remove all the excess from the waist?

very first thing - it is necessary to properly balance your daily diet.This applies not only products, but also of the portions, and the number and time of meals.

First, we should abandon the "empty" calories that are contained in bakery products and sweets.If you can not completely abandon the bread, you should eat bread from wheat flour.

The diet need to introduce more vegetables, preferably fresh.Preference should be given watery, such as cucumbers.For dinner, good will squash or pumpkin.These vegetables contain a small amount of calories, easy to digest and does not aggravate the stomach, so you can eat their fill.In addition, cabbage has incredible properties in terms of weight loss.If you drink a liter of fresh cabbage juice, you can say goodbye to one or two pounds.Empty cabbage soup can be eaten without restrictions, because it just fills the stomach without carrying with them the extra calories.

If you are worried about a full glass as clear that you do not know what a soup - it is what we need.

five meals promotes proper digestion, so the fat simply will not be able to appear.Snacking on dried fruit is good, but preference should be given, as well as among fresh fruits, those that contain less sugar.For example, the grape is better not to abuse it.Despite its watery structure, it contains large amounts of sugar and calories it.

How to clean the sides of the week?

first step is to cleanse the body of all the excess and conduct discharge day, which involves monopitanie.The discharge day can be performed with the help of yogurt, preferably unsweetened and vegetable juices, a fresh fruit or vegetable.Very fast is not recommended, because it will be a major stress to the body and can lead to bad consequences.

If you have only a week to resolve the issue, how to clean the sides, the exercise will be an effective tool in the fight for a slim waist.Lean forward and to the sides will not only remove the sides, but also pulled gluteal muscles.Hula-hoop will simply invaluable.For those that are in good physical condition, it is recommended to use a weighted hula hoops with special embossed inside.For beginners it is best to start with simple hula-hoops.Engage in front of the TV can be watching your favorite program.Over time, these classes will be included in a habit that will constantly and effortlessly maintain a wasp waist.

Back to the discharge day and follow a diet.In order not to feel sick and dizzy, you need to drink tea with mint or simply mint broth, but without sugar.For breakfast, should eat more high-calorie foods, the best muesli or oatmeal.Oatmeal is gradually digesting, supply the body the energy needed for the operation.Snack bars or dried fruit can be of the same cereal.An excellent dinner will be the low-fat broth or cabbage soup.The second dish can serve as a half boiled chicken, lean fish or a small piece of beef with a salad of fresh cabbage.If fresh cabbage causes bloating, you can treat yourself to the sea.It is rich in iodine and other nutrients.Light dinner will, for example, fried zucchini or a light salad.

After a week of such a diet your side (as you remove speculated until recently) lost.And thanks to the exercises the skin becomes more supple and elastic, which will contribute to leveling the waist.

If you have only two or three days before the holiday date, limit your diet to two or three crackers, a cup of strong black coffee without sugar, one or two apples for dinner.And a couple of days your waist and hips will bounce back.

Due to the limited and balanced diet, constant number of meals and one or two simple exercises your hips as you remove that thought for a long time, will be an attractive and smart appearance and waist will be thin and delicate.