Financial policy and its components

What is fiscal policy?First of all, it is the sum of all actions to finance and the use of the relations connected with the distribution of national wealth and income.In addition, this term refers to the implementation of activities designed to use the relationship to the state could carry out its functions.

What is the content of fiscal policy?

• To state activity was provided in time, first developed the concept finpolitiki, put the problem and defined its goals.

• The second step is the creation and continuous improvement of the financial literacy movement.

• Adequate management of the monetary policy of the state, as well as other economic entities.

Keep in mind that the financial policy is based on the strategic principles governing the use of the finances in the long term, providing the solution to all major problems of the country.In addition, the state determines the tactical use of financial goals.These activities constitute a single complex, they are closely intertwined.

What problem confronts a government financial policy?

• Creating favorable conditions for the accumulation and use of the maximum amount of financial resources.

• Development of the scheme sustainable, profitable state finresursov use.

• The use of financial mechanisms to promote multiple processes (eg, social or economic).

• Constant updating and improvement of the financial mechanism, to ensure its conformity with the changing goals, strategies.

• Create a prompt, adequate, user-friendly control system finsredstvami.

financial policy always intertwined with other parts of the economy: credit, currency, pricing.

In order to take into account the finpolitiki and evaluate them, you must consider how it meets the interests of the citizens, social groups, whether it achieved all that was due to set goals.

Fiscal policy is not possible without a mechanism which ensures the activities of any state in the redistribution of finances.Financial Mechanism - a special, developed by the state and consolidation system that combines all structures and types finotnosheny.It includes the following components:

• forms of resources and methods of their creation,

• legislation to regulate the movement of finance, organization of the securities market, corporate finance, budgetary system.

Finmehanizm divided into policy and regulatory.

first created for the financial relationship with the direct participation of the state.This includes taxes and government funding, financial planning, budget expenditures and complete organization.Most policy instruments can affect the securities market (corporate), other relationships that are of great importance for financial policy in general.

regulatory mechanism works where the interests of the state is not directly affected, for example, in private enterprises.There mechanism regulates only the overall picture of financial resources.

What goals involves financial policy?

• Political.

• Economical.

• Social

Keep in mind that the financial policy as a unity of actions aimed at achieving the goals can use their tools and techniques to solve problems at various levels, starting with the ending of the world, and at the household level.

Fiscal policy can be a classic, planning and policy-governing.