5 exercises that develop creative thinking

We offer you this practical exercises that will help make your mind more flexible and sharp, to develop creative skills and contribute to the improvement of creative thinking.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow said: "Creativity - a creative orientation, birth common to all, but lose most under the influence of the existing system of education, education, and social practices."

So, 5 exercises:

2 random word

Pick up any book or Dictionary.Randomly select two words: open any page and not looking poke a finger.Now try to find something in common between these two words, match them, compare, analyze, look for the relationship.You can think of the incredible, even the crazy story that would connect these two concepts.To exercise and train your brain.

Steve Jobs said: "Creativity - is simply making connections between things.When creative people are asked how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they did not do anything really, but just noticed.It becomes clear to them over time.They were able to link different pieces of their experiences and to synthesize something new.This is because they have experienced and seen more than others, or because they no longer think about it. "

Madness architect

As you look at it, to try on the role of the architect and design a house?I do not know how to draw or remembered with horror school lessons drawing and strength of materials at the university?Never mind, the ability to paint and draw are minor matters.The main thing - the process.Well, agree?Well, then drove off.

Please write down on a sheet of 10 nouns, either.Mandarin, glass, grass, water, tomato - all that comes to mind.These 10 words - 10 mandatory conditions of the customer, you are designing a house.For example, "Mandarin" - make a house wall orange, "water" - even before the house is a fountain or pond, "tomato" - run into the pond goldfish in the house or hang red curtains, etc.Give your imagination free.Draw and imagine how it would look in real life.

Association (the 5 + 5)

Take a look at the room in which you are now.For any object caught your opinion?For example, for a chocolate bar, which is on the table.And now take a piece of paper with a pen and write five adjectives that are most appropriate to the subject you have chosen.For example, dark chocolate, delicious chocolate, Belgian chocolate, natural chocolate, weighed chocolate (comes to mind more import, domestic, love, white, milk, hot, chocolate bars and many other options).

written?And now the most interesting - write another 5 adjectives that are absolutely not suitable.To make it significantly more difficult: a glass of chocolate, chocolate teddy, summer chocolate, mysterious chocolate, roasted chocolate.Get the scoop on their feelings and perceptions and locate the desired definition.Apply a little more effort, and succeed, most importantly, do not leave the job undone.Sit and meditate.

Hour "silence»

Do not worry, dial in your mouth water and not have to remain silent.As you have seen from the title exercise, this task will take you one hour but you do not have to break away from their cases and the usual daily routine.At this hour the people answer only general questions, use "yes" or "no."Behave as naturally as possible, so that no one suspected anything strange.In others it should not get the impression that you can not afford, sick or got up in the morning on the wrong foot.Try and believe me, you will get the hang of.

test creativity

The main thing is to believe in yourself, and throw away all doubts.Take a sheet of paper and draw a tic here are 6 high and 9 in length:

now configurable on the creative wave, deep breath and exhaled slowly.Take a pen and begin to turn in pictures crosses and small sketches, for example, like this:

end?And now look at what happened and choose the most successful, are certainly there.

starting job may look different, for example, like this:

Or like this:


Generate thoughts, do not stop there.The more you train your brain to develop imagination and creative element, the more interesting ideas and solutions will come to you.

Be creative!

«Creative - not the craft, where you have to justify your salary;it is a craft, where you justify your salary.And kreatora career, as ephemeral as a career director of TV programs. "The film "99 Francs»

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