How to get rid of spots after acne?

Internet is full of articles just on the topic of how to treat pimples and blackheads.But after the pimples have healed, they are often unpleasant and rather unsightly marks: stains, scars, scars.But information on how to get rid of such unpleasant consequences, much more difficult to find.Meanwhile, to cope with this problem is much more difficult than with acne themselves.

Here, as with the majority of the problems is easier to prevent than to deal with the question of how to get rid of spots after acne.First of all, we have to recall the already known all the truth to press pimples can not in any case.Mechanical damage to the skin obtained in this case, often leading to staining and scarring.

Rather than squeeze another pimple, you should always consult a beautician, and also need to immediately start treatment.Running inflammation also leave a very unpleasant marks on his face.This is fraught with the wrong treatment.

All this, of course, understandable, but what if the spots are already available?How to get rid of spots after acne?Of course, you can turn to the beautician and undergo procedures.However, it costs money, takes time, and does not give a full guarantee.Treat spots from acne in stores makes sense if the situation is really critical.A more simple cases you can try to fight on their own.

How to get rid of spots after acne at home?There are many recipes in the article are some of them.

Brown and red spots on the skin - is consequences of the violation pigmentation.Every woman they have their own individual characteristics.In some cases the spots disappear, some - remain forever.In the latter case, the situation must be corrected.

pigmentation appear after incorrect treatment of acne, you can lighten with lemon juice.It is diluted with water in equal amounts and the mixture obtained is rubbed pigmented skin.

rescues from bad spots on the face mask of honey.It not only lightens the skin but also nourishes it.Honey and cinnamon were mixed in equal proportions.The resulting slurry is applied to the problem areas of the skin.

widely known bleaching properties of cucumber juice usual.How to get rid of dark spots after acne using cucumber juice?Very simple: the juice is frozen in the form of ice, and the resulting pieces to wipe face in the morning.You can do it even easier, simply apply cucumber circles on the problem areas.Week of daily use to get rid of excess pigmentation.

from red spots helps mask of green clay and rosemary oil.A teaspoon of green clay shift in pre-prepared dishes, there is dripping a few drops of rosemary essential oil.It remains to add a couple of spoonfuls of clean water and mix thoroughly.The finished mass is spread on the skin with spots.

How to get rid of acne spots after using the tomato?It is also quite easy to prepare a mask: medium tomato pulp mixed with a teaspoon of starch, carefully wiped, and applied to the spot.Rinse with tomato mask to 15 minutes.

It must be remembered that at the time of medical procedures, both domestic and salon, you should carefully protect your skin from the sun.It is easy to conclude that the summer engaged in treatment of spots is not necessary.

separate theme - camouflage spots from acne.For this purpose, perfect corrective pencils, creams, powders, etc.For convenience, better to choose a foundation shades lighter on the floor color.

We are told how to get rid of spots after acne.Hopefully, this article has helped understand this question of women, already confronted with this problem, and the rest wish had not encountered it.