As in "Terraria" make wings or get them out another way?

"Terraria" - a two-dimensional analog of the popular sandbox "Maynkraft", where you also get a huge opportunity to create a variety of subjects, the study of land and so on.Naturally, as in "maynkraft", here you will be faced with the threat of very dangerous and powerful monsters that use every opportunity to destroy you.So you can not give up on any option that can protect you.You need to get a powerful armor that will absorb the damage, as well as weapons that would inflict this damage.But there are other ways, for example, to withdraw from the battle.On the ground it will not be easy to do, so your best bet is to learn how to create wings.It is the perfect tool that will allow you to jump high and fly away from their dangerous opponents, if you have no desire or ability to fight them.So you need to know how to "Terraria" make wings.

Kraft wings

The easiest way to get myself the subject - it is crafted.To do this you need to know how to "Terraria" make wings, because the process is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.First, consider the fact that the bench - this is not the device on which to create such an incredible thing.You will have to get a Mithril or Orichalcum anvil, to be able to be crafted this subject.Only when you have a job, you need to go for the ingredients to create.It is very important to know that absolutely all wings are created on the same principle.You need to have twenty souls flight, to which are added other ingredients.For example, to create fairy wings you will need to add to the souls of the flight a hundred handfuls pollen fairies.And to create the wings harpy you need a giant pen this creation.In general, the principle is clear, so you need to make sure that you have the proper number of souls flying, then look for more and additional ingredients - if you can create the desired object.Now you know how to "Terraria" make wings, but it is not the only way to get them.

Preparation for completing the quest

If you can not understand how in the "Terraria" make wings or you can not find the ingredients, you can decide the question differently.The fact that the wings can not only create - can be prepared by other methods.For example, you can get some of the wings for the performance of certain tasks quest.The most popular is the quest fisherman - by doing it, you get wings, fins, which are also very good, and have advantages over other options.So do not think that it comes down to Kraft - there are other methods of how to get wings "Terraria".

Buying wings

As you know, you do not necessarily know how to be crafted in the "Terraria" wings to get them.Moreover, if you do not want to do quests fisherman or another character that can give you a reward unique wings - you can buy them.Naturally, not all species are sold - especially when it comes to unique.But many can be bought, for example, if you have no desire to collect feathers and soul concern that crafted sparkling wings, you can purchase them at the Dryads.Also has wings that can only be bought, that is a recipe for crafting them there.For example, you can buy Dzhetpak have Paromehanika, but crafted them you do not get.The same applies to the leafy wings that can only be found in the shop at the Shaman.But there's another way to get wings "Terraria".

Get in combat wings

Some types of mobs may drop a desired you wings, but you should understand that the odds are very small.Departments should mention the unique wings that fall only from specific bosses.For example, the wings of holidays you can only get after killing Evil Ate and Wings Rybrona - respectively, after you defeat Duke Rybrona.Naturally, you will not be easy, but you get the wings, without spending a no resources for crafting, no time to complete the quest, no money to buy.However, always remember that a large part of the wings produces a unique, that is, you are unlikely to get the same wings with a variety of methods.