Haircut "front short back long": description and photos

Due to the fact that the tastes and desires are different, modern hairstyles are becoming more interesting, flexible and versatile look.If before it was fashionable to stick to one style and form a hairstyle, today relevant experiments with styles, layouts and long hairstyles.The more vivid detail, asymmetry, creativity - the better.Change the image, making it very feminine and soft, can a haircut "front short back long."And it helps to stand out from the masses and to emphasize the features of your life.

elongated squares

This form is always in fashion and many women face, and the options for its execution just a mass, for every taste and imagination.So, if you want to change the style and experiment with the length, you can make a square with an extension at the rear.It is visually increase the volume of hair, will highlight their texture.It will look creative, interesting and suitable owners of thick straight hair.If you have curly hair, you do not have this form is recommended.Technically haircut is very difficult to implement, but has gained popularity because it almost does not need to pack.Haircut "front short back long" on the basis of the square is perfect for girls and straight fine hair, which lacks volume.With regard to the length of the back, it is limited by the level of the blades, otherwise the shape will not look nice.Plus, this hairstyle is that it makes it easy to adjust the shape of the face by changing the line and bangs fringing.


form the basis of most modern hairstyles.It facilitates good thick hair, adds volume to fine hair, looks spectacular with many coloring.This is a winning choice for those who want change but are not willing to part with a length.If necessary, it is possible to try a version of the form, as the ladder when doing haircut "front short back long."It is very convenient, because if something does not suit, there is an opportunity to continue growing a curl.Hairstyle can be performed so that the length of the back will be free to gather in the tail, making weaving braids or plaits.If you wish, you can decorate the hair ribbons, rims, hairpins.

There is also a wide variety of options based on the asymmetry of the ladder.Older women may choose a more tranquil form, with a small extension at the back and light a "cap" on top.Young, in contrast - clearer shape, ripped line cut.Alternatively, you can dye your hair the occipital area or "cap", bangs a different color.

Haircut "front short back long" on the basis of the cascade

If you have hair the same length or a form that is already tired, you can cut your hair cascades, creating a spectacular hairstyle.Variations can be different: a cascade of delicate or pronounced.To contrast the effect of the front hair can be cut off as short as almost "a boy" to leave behind long hair.It looks good with a form of a ragged short bangs.Hairstyle is well on the hair of any texture, length and density.You can experiment and shaved one temple under the car - a trendy "trick" the last two years.So it is very popular now a haircut "front short back long."Photos presented in magazines, catalogs show that it can be done in different techniques, thanks to which will create your individual, unique style.It can be torn strands-developed modern methods such as slicing, Poynting.It may be clear, smooth lines that emphasize the shape of hair.In any case, thanks to the gradation of layers to easily create the right solution for the future of the ideal image.

Creative hairstyles

For long-haired ladies who want extravagant experiments with hair suit hairstyles made based on the stage and stairs, using modern methods of trimming and staining techniques, including hair cut "front short backlong. "Photos from the creative works of masters will help you choose and implement the desired image.This asymmetry may be on a bang or shaving pattern on one side of the head in combination with long locks on the other side.Various kinds of shapes made with the power calibration, cutting out in conjunction with a bright staining, coloring, help to create an impressive image.

Any creative hairstyle looks good on a perfectly straight hair.They are simply designed for graphically clear contours.Verified geometry shapes style haircut confident woman.However, requires the use of styling products and the need to maintain the smooth texture of the hair.Haircut "front short back long hair" with the curly tresses requires a careful approach to the choice of hairstyle.It is best to give preference forms, combined with the natural exuberance of this type and messy hair.This can be a square or oblong stage with shaven temples.Of great importance is the color and with the help of modern tinting colorants in minutes to create vivid accents bang or elongated strands.If your hair is curly, you can separate the elements of hairstyles straighten and lock gel.

Universal haircut "front short back long hair"

Photo of different options of such a hairstyle show that any unusual hairstyle has a foundation in the form of the classical form.For example, if the hair of medium length, then it's best to start experimenting with a square shape and its variants.Creative or contrasting stage when the hair front and occipital regions are of different lengths, suitable for almost any girl.If you do not want to part with long bangs, you can change or make a painting in the style of Ombre.By the way, most modern techniques: shatush, balayazh, brondirovanie - advantageous to look for a haircut, elongated to the back of the head.

modern hairstyles can radically change the appearance of a woman.First of all, the hair should be well-groomed and healthy.Use the special professional tools for maintaining the brightness and quality of the curl.Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that beauty comes from within first and foremost.Be good and beautiful!