How to make a repeater in the "Maynkraft": create complex mechanisms

So, if you have long been familiar with the game, then you should raise the question of how to make a repeater in the "Maynkraft"?The fact that this is a very useful thing, which has several functions.Today we get to know them, and then see how the craft Repeater "Maynkraft."

Why do you need?

So, the first thing that you should know before embarking on the creation of an object - this is what he does need.If we take into account the fact that our present subject - is a complex mechanism that is not so and simply make then understand why it is needed, it is necessary to clear.Before you make a repeater in the "Maynkraft", it is necessary to think carefully over its functions.

The most important purpose of our today's subject - a transmission signal to other units.You are given the opportunity to make this step much with 15 cubes.Repeater helps avoid obstacles and can act as a diode or insulated wire.So if you are thinking to create a mechanized home or something like that, this mechanism - it's just a perfect assistant.

What will it need?How to Craft a repeater in the "Maynkraft"?What materials?Consider this further.


Well, let's get down to the study of materials needed for crafting our present.The first object that we should be interested in - it rocks.They will need you in the amount of three pieces.Not too much, though, if you are already full of resources.What to do with them if a real shortage?Search!

In order to understand how to make a repeater in the "Maynkraft", you will have to embark on the world of the game and look for the stone blocks.There are often, as a stone - this is one of the main resources for crafting and construction.Once you have found the desired block, just break it.Instead, you get the stones, which can then be used in their construction and mechanisms.

Map "Maynkraft" this resource is most abundant.Stumble it absolutely everywhere.The main thing - to look.When you collect the right amount of stones, you can begin to search for the missing elements to create a mechanism.

Red Dust

If you are thinking how to make a repeater in the "Maynkraft", then you have to look for and get another resource.He has more valuable, though not very rare.Let's look at it closer.This red dust.

This resource is the main conduit for the alarm and connect multiple mechanisms.Harvest is quite simple: it is enough to find the so-called red stone or mine ore red.After working with them, we obtain the desired material.

general red dust - is the one resource that is always required in large quantities.In addition to the main destination, you can still use it as a raw material for many recipes.Red Dust is present even in Potions.If you managed to find its source, gain as much material.Only then continue to talk about how to make a repeater in the "Maynkraft."


Another thing that we need today - this torch.However, when you consider that there are several types, you should specify which one.This is the so-called red flare.

In appearance it is a little different from the usual.Only emits less light, but the conductor is simply excellent.If you are thinking to create a repeater, then align the wooden stick with the red dust - you will get the desired object.

now talk to you about how to build a repeater.To do this, take three units of stone, two red and one red plume of dust.Combine all.You will have a repeater, which can now be used.