How to make a wooden sword "Maynkraft" - learn self-defense!

Today we will talk with you about how to make a wooden sword "Maynkraft."After traveling through the game world, you have to somehow defend and safeguard your home.So let's see how you can quickly and easily build yourself a weapon.

How useful

But first we must find out how useful the sword in the game.If it will seem meaningless, then why do his craft, right?

The first thing you need to pay attention - is the availability of weapons.At first, this is the most acceptable form of self-defense.However, sitting in an ambush with a sword is unlikely to succeed.However, a wooden sword "Maynkraft" - this is what can help you save your life and get some resources for development.

With this weapon you can put the blocks and some even crashing.If you hit the foliage, web, beds, cake, glass and even some materials, they will quickly disintegrate.So for the processing of raw materials sword doge quite fit.However, this is not the best choice.

wooden weapon does not belong to the category of durable and deadly.It gets 4 points of damage, having all this strength of 60. So if you are thinking about how to make a wooden sword "Maynkraft", prepared for the fact that he wears out quickly.Enough of such weapons to an average of 12-16 murders.Let us see what we need to have to be crafted the subject.


The first thing to make a wooden sword, you'll have to stock up on sticks.In its pure form in the world "Maynkraft" find them quite difficult.So we'll have to do it yourself.Let's see, from what.

probably not too hard to guess that the stick is obtained in the processing of wood.And its something very much in the "Maynkraft."How to make a wooden sword, if you do not know where to take the stick?Nothing, until you find it.First of all, discover the tree.When found - start working with him.You will get some thing that can be converted into the desired item is.

Stick - it is one of the basic materials used in crafting.It is usually pretty easy to get.But do not forget that the world is "Maynkraft" filled with totally different vegetation.What kind of approach?The answer is simple - any.From any tree you can get units for further processing and transforming them into sticks.If you have seriously thought of crafting a wooden sword, please be this resource.He will need another for many other purposes.But Kraft wooden sword not only with sticks.Now it is necessary to see what other resources you need.


If you are thinking about how to make a wooden sword "Maynkraft," you should know that it will take more and boards.Because they represent the blocks themselves, which are used for further processing and craft.This material, along with sticks, it is very necessary.Get it too easy.Total

can stumble on 6 kinds of boards, depending on what kind of tree you are "cut down."After all, this material - it is nothing like wood.The properties of these types do not differ.Only color.

In general, the board - this is even more the necessary resources than the stick.After all, for most of the pieces you need it untreated wood.But how to make a wooden sword?When you have typed resource, simply combine the two boards and one stick in your inventory.Then you get your first weapon in the game.

it worth it?

But it really needs this kind of sword?The thing is that he, while available, yet not so strong.You have to constantly change with a new sword after it breaks.If you are planning a long struggle, it is better to wander the world in search of sticks and other resources to create other types of swords.For example, stone or iron.Their strength is much larger, and the power - up.Now that you know how to make a wooden sword "Maynkraft" Do not worry about your safety!