Insulating and what it eats

article titled a little unusual, but in fact it is, we look at the basic direction and scope of the material, its basic properties, characteristics and uses in prpomyshlennosti.Why industries?Because Insulating - a highly technical material, the result of pulp and paper production, which can be found on a number of characteristics: hazel color, smooth texture, the absence of flaws (namely - vnyatin in cardboard, cracks, bulges, and others not covered by GOST 2824-86, also known as EV board), and, of course, acceptable price - for example here cardboard for patterns of 95rub / kg, and this is not the limit.Cardboard production EV village.Surazh (it is known as Surazh board) can be purchased in rolls or sheets, in various formats.

So, we are talking about pulp and paper production.Cardboard and technical types of paper are the main focus in this area, and it dominates all Electrocardboard - he finds application in various industries.Cardboard furniture - please!From it made back sofas and armchairs, armrests and other items requiring increased rigidity, but where the use of wood or similar materials unnecessarily expensive.Insulating shows itself remarkable here.Take another example - cardboard for patterns.Immediately the question - what the patterns?This is the stencils of varying difficulty, and they are used in the clothing industry, in the manufacture of components and cutting out clothes (yes, one of our favorite sew suits and dresses), and other industries in one way or another connected with the textile industry.Why paperboard used for patterns?After reading the description of the product (cardboard brand EVTNP) Because it is cheap (calculated per unit of output), is durable and has the required durability (sewers do not like it, if the edges of the patterns will be shaggy after the first application, but because they work with them many times) is also resistant to external influences, and the like.By the way, what was meant by external factors?Namely - the resistance to surface discharge, electrical strength and the like, but it is characterized by a different brand of insulation - board electrical insulation used in the manufacture of elements of the main insulation in transformers and other units, voltage up to 1000V and high operating temperatures.

As a result, you can make another conclusion about the benefits and practical indispensability of insulation, as a material for patterns, furniture, electrical insulation.His qualitative characteristics give odds to any other material, taking into account that the price had very low, which makes it widely popular in many industries, not just the light.