Insulating cardboard: For patterns, furniture and other industries

Insulating cardboard: for patterns, furniture and other industries.

working title of this material - " Insulating ", " pressboard ".Generally speaking, the topic was dimly lit now, mostly featured technical descriptions of products, nothing more.Key resources neobohodimoy do not contain the information provided in "readable" form, therefore, I consider it necessary to shed light on this area.A more detailed description of all products and specific characteristics (offers also present) can be found on the website

So, Insulating .The widespread use of this material is determined by its quality, durability and high density.It varies by brand: EV, EVTNP - basic and thickness (it is determined by the scope of application), for example, the garment industry requires increased strength, with varying thickness for insulation will be applied thin grade of cardboard, and for products requiringIncreased material strength - thick mark (3 mm).For example, Insulating can be used in the manufacture of furniture, namely, to strengthen the forms of backs and sides of sofas and armchairs.In addition, it is made for cutting tapestry patterns (see. Also

Insulating patterns for ), leather and other materials kozhezama going on upholstery.For technical description of it appears as a compact, rugged sort of cardboard, are best suited for different sectors of light industry.Consider the most popular areas of application.

Electrocardboard is widely used in the clothing and leather industry (working title - cardboard for patterns ) as a material for making patterns and stencils.Actually, what the template?Leca essentially pattern made of paper or cardboard (in particular, the mark "ER") of 0.1 to 0.5 mm thick.Why is he?Yes, because he has the necessary properties as strength, durability, essential when working with Chastoispolzuemyh objects such as vysheoboznachennyh patterns for garment workers who "do not like" ragged edges of these products.This material is available, usually in rolls or sheets of different formats (for details - cardboard for patterns), different producer and a minimum party of Order.

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication - Electric power - namely, electrical insulation parts in them. cardboard electrical insulation is made of 100% softwood kraft unbleached pulp and technical description is intended: for insulation in electrical equipment (transformers and other devices) with oil filling and working temperatures up to 105 degrees, as well as for parts of the main insulation in devices to220 kV and glued parts of all classes of transformers.Again the same question: "Why is it?" Yes, because the feature of this brand is that the EV board thickness of 0.1 to 0.8 mm (or 0.8 to 2.5 mm) is an excellent electrical insulator due to production technology.No other materials having such characteristics at a low price.The choice is clear, and tested for years.For procurers - the variety of cardboard can be purchased in rolls of a width of 1100 mm or sheets of different formats (see. Electrically insulating cardboard).

Generally speaking, this industry is a highly specialized and special needs no advertising because the procurement people know what they need, and work with reliable suppliers, "not bothered" to search for new ones.But sometimes it is necessary to highlight the alternative - the same high quality material, but at a lower price.This is typical of the suppliers who have recently on the market.Their task - to express themselves through a pricing policy and other bonuses like free shipping and the like.Sometimes it should look, perhaps, is the beginning of a long, productive cooperation?