How to update the Firefox without problems

In this article, we will focus on how to upgrade Firefox.Despite several methods available, some users have difficulty with this.

To view pages on the World Wide Web using different browsers.One of them has a high speed, others - ease of use, and others - flexible configuration options.Universal solution does not exist yet.After all, if it were, all the rest were "irrelevant."That's why for many years on the forums do not cease multi debate about what kind of browser the best.Today we will speak about Mozilla (Mozilla Firefox, Fox, Safari).This program is considered the best by many users, and deservedly so.Among other things, figure out how to upgrade Firefox, you can achieve quite a decent performance, reliability and, of course, convenience.Actually, all that is required of a good browser.Of course, if you know how to update Mozilla Firefox, it does not mean unsurpassed program directly "out of the box."It is necessary to make adjustments "under him."Nothing complicated about it - affects many years of experience of developers, who over the years have taken into account and implemented many features most requested by end users.

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Before we tell you how to upgrade Firefox, let's briefly "stroll" on some key distinctive features, which are often cited as an argument in its favor.

One advantage - a huge number of different plug-ins that extend the functionality of the program.Although this is implemented in most browsers, the differences are still there.For example, Opera can not boast such a vast variety;Explorer in this mechanism is not used.

Is that Chrome by Google in this regard is of interest.With the exception of plug-ins (sometimes called modules or additions), it is quite easy to use and do not need to think about how to upgrade Firefox.Now

reviews often compared to Firefox and Chrome.Indeed, until the latter in terms of functionality for "Fox" virtually no competitor.However, since the Chrome - the brainchild of famous company Google (although the engine WebKit first appeared in the Safari in 2003), it is not surprising that many webmasters started to optimize their designs for this test.Thus, to date, Fox and Chrome - "worst friend."However, Chrome has a number of disadvantages, one of which - the presence of embedded spyware.

wants the user or not - the program sends information to the Web sites visited and recruited queries.This is easily seen by putting a local proxy and analyzing the "behavior" of Chrome.But the "Fox" in a not noticed.

Update Firefox is easy.To do this, select the top menu "Help", then "About Firefox┬╗ and click a single button to check for updates.Another possibility is to use the automatic mode - convenient when a high-speed connection to the Internet.It is necessary to follow the path of "Tools - Options - Advanced - Update", and to enable automatic operation.

third way - to download the new version from the developer's site and install it.And all the import settings from the old.