How to change the graphics card in the PC

Still there are people who do not suspect that the metal box called the system unit, and not a computer, so the more the processor, in the full sense of the word.Removing the side cover, inside you can see a variety of different electronic boards - they are capacious called "components."Just because they like children's designer cubes, and is going to the computer.TV tuner card, sound card, video card - this is not a complete list of "inhabitants" of the system unit.Parts that can be replaced with newer models, called discrete.For example, the sound card ASUS Xonar - discrete, but the popular decision on an inexpensive codec Realtek High Definition Audio - built, that is, represented by the chip soldered directly to the motherboard.The same can be said about the integrated video - you can disable it and use a discrete graphics card, but does not replace it.

Since discrete components are always several times more productive and better built their peers, users often spend their own modernization, sometimes called "upgrade".That is why in many forums ask the logical question: how to change the graphics card?In fact, nothing complicated about it.Doing all, as will be discussed later, everyone will be able to understand how to replace the video card easily and conveniently.

Remember cartridges 8-bit set-top box?Connecting a discrete graphics card to the motherboard is done on the same principle: sliding contacts on the card are included in the special connector coupled to the internal data bus.All modern graphics cards are designed for bus PCI-Express x16.Although you can still find models designed for use with the classic PCI or even unfairly deceased AGP.To find out how to change the graphics card is required to take instructions in the motherboard and carefully read the technical data: if there is PCI-Express x16 (sometimes written as PCI-E), then the upgrade is reduced to trek to the nearest store computer equipment and the purchase of a new card.Otherwise, the card will have to look at the existing tire.

We assume that the user was lucky and his computer has a slot PCI-E.How to change the video card in this case?The new card is purchased, carefully removed from the box and lay on the table next to the system unit.Note: static discharge from the human body can damage sensitive electronic components, so the card should be kept only with the ends of the PCB without touching the soldering.Turn off the computer, pull out the power cord: Disconnect button on the extension cord is not enough, because few people know that she breaks - zero or phase.Turning off the system unit from the wire to the monitor, and remember to board in the housing which it was connected.Unscrew the screws on the back of the computer and remove the side cover.

to determine how to change the graphics card, look inside.Sometimes it helps out a flashlight.Here it is - the old card.Is held in the housing with a screw clamp or a special (more expensive models of buildings).The card should be drawn from the connector, so unscrew the bolt (unlock the lock).Sometimes he has a plastic connector protrusion, further holding the card from falling out.If so, then carefully to hook it and extract the old map.By the way, if the card is built-in, it is not necessary to extract (and impossible).Take

and putting a new contact to the connector.Then we do a little trick: First press one side of the card until the contacts are not embedded into the socket, and then another.Check that the contacts are firmly and were on the same level.Fix a map.It remains connected to her lead from the monitor to return to the place of the computer power cord, and raise the body.Include, download, install the driver from the disk.Now that you know how to change the graphics card.