Heroes of World War II, and their exploits (briefly)

than a dozen years ago, I was born Mikhail Efremov - a brilliant military leader, to express themselves in periods of two wars - the Civil War and World.However, the good deeds he has committed, appreciated immediately.After his death, it took many years until such time as they have been received well-deserved title.What other heroes of the Great Patriotic War have been forgotten?

Steel Commander

In 17 years, Mikhail Efremov joined the army.He began as a volunteer in the infantry regiment.Two years later with the rank of warrant officer, he participated in the famous breakthrough Brusilov commanded.In the ranks of the Red Army Mikhail he joined in 1918.Famous hero of World War II acquired through broneletuchkam.Due to the fact that the Red Army had no armored trains with good equipment, Michael decided to create their own, using the means at hand.

the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Efremov, met the head of the 21-th army.Under his leadership, the soldiers held off the enemy troops on the Dnieper, defended Gomel.Without giving the Germans to go to the rear of the Southwestern Front.Start of World War II met Mikhail Efremov, guiding 33th Army.During this time he participated in the defense of Moscow and the subsequent counter-offensive.

In early February Strike Group, commanded by Mikhail Efremov, make a dent in the enemy's defenses and came to Vyazma.However, the soldiers were cut off from the main force and are surrounded by.For two months, the soldiers raided the rear of the Germans, destroying enemy soldiers and military equipment.And when the bullets ran out of food, Mikhail Efremov decided to break their asking over the radio about the organization of the corridor.

But the hero of World War II and could not do it.The Germans noticed the movement and broke the strike group of Ephraim.Michael himself not to be a prisoner, shot himself.He was buried by the Germans in the village of Slobodka with full military honors.

In 1996, persistent veterans and search engines have achieved that Ephraim was awarded the title Hero of Russia.

In honor of the feat Gastello

What other heroes of the Great Patriotic War have been forgotten?In 1941, with a runway of the aerodrome, which was near Smolensk flew bomber DB-3F.Alexander Maslov, namely he managed combat aircraft, was given the task to eliminate the enemy convoy traveling on the road Molodechno Radoshkovichi.Plane shot down enemy anti-aircraft guns, the crew was reported missing.

A few years later, namely in 1951, to honor the memory of the famous bomber Nikolai Gastello, which is on the same highway made a battering ram, it was decided to move the remains of the crew to the village Radoshkovichi in Central Square.During the exhumation found the locket that belonged to Sergeant Gregory Reutov, who was the shooter in the crew Maslov.

historiography did not change, however, the crew was the number is not missing and dead.Heroes of World War II, and their exploits were recognized in 1996.It was in that year the crew Maslov received an appropriate title.

pilot, whose name was forgotten

exploits of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War will remain in our hearts forever.However, not all the heroic deeds preserved memory.

Pyotr Eremeev was considered an experienced pilot.His Order of the Red Banner, he received a reflection of several German attacks overnight.Knocking a few Junkers, Peter was wounded.However, bandaging the wound, after a few minutes he was on another plane flew again to reflect enemy attacks.And a month after that memorable night they had accomplished the feat.

night July 28 Eremeev was ordered to patrol the airspace over New Petrovsky.That's when he noticed an enemy bomber, who went to Moscow.Peter went to his tail and began to shoot.The enemy left to the right, while the Soviet pilot lost it.However, immediately noticed the other bomber, who went to the West.Coming close to him, Eremeyev pulled the trigger.But the shooting has not been opened since run out of bullets.

long time without thinking, Peter kerf screws in the tail of the German aircraft.Fighter turned over and began to fall apart.However Eremeyev escaped by jumping with a parachute.For this feat he would hand over the Order of Lenin.However, it did not manage to do that.At night, August 7 at Moscow feat was repeated by Victor Talalikhina.That his name was inscribed in the official annals.

But the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and their deeds will never be forgotten not.It proved Alexei Tolstoy.He wrote an essay titled "Taran", which described the feat of Peter.

Only in 2010 he was recognized as a hero

In the Volgograd region is a monument on which are inscribed the names of the Red Army who were killed in these lands.All of them are heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and their deeds will remain forever in history.At the monument bore the name Maxim Passard.The corresponding title he was awarded in 2010 alone.And it should be noted that he fully deserved it.

He was born in the Khabarovsk Territory.Hereditary hunter has become one of the best among the snipers.He proved himself still in the battle for Stalingrad.By 1943, it destroyed about 237 Nazis.Germans head for the well-aimed Nanai was established substantial reward.On it were hunting enemy snipers.

feat he performed in the beginning of 1943.In order to liberate the village gerbil from enemy soldiers, it was necessary to get rid of the first two German machine guns.They were well fortified on the flanks.And that Maxim Passard had to do it.100 meters to the firing points Maxim opened fire and destroyed the settlements.However, he could not survive.Hero was set fire by enemy artillery.

Minor characters

All these heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and their exploits were forgotten.However, all of them need to remember.They did everything possible to hasten the day of victory.However, not only the adults were able to express themselves.There are some characters that are not even turned 18 years old.And it is about them will be discussed further.

as adults in the fighting involved several tens of thousands of teenagers.They as well as the adults die, received orders and medals.Some images were taken to Soviet propaganda.All of them are heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and their exploits were preserved in numerous stories.However, it should highlight the five teens who received the appropriate title.

Unwilling to surrender, blew himself up along with the enemy soldiers

Kazei Marat was born in 1929.It happened in the village Stankovo.Before the war, he managed to finish only four classes.Parents were considered "enemies of the people."However, despite this, the mother of Marat in 1941 became guerrillas hiding at home.For which he was killed by the Germans.Marat with her sister went to the guerrillas.

Marat Kazei constantly went into exploration, has participated in numerous raids undermine trains.They had received the medal "For Courage" in 1943.He managed to raise his comrades in the attack and break through the ring of enemies.At the same time, Marat was injured.

Talking about the exploits of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, is to say, that killed 14-year-old fighter in 1944.It happened when the next job.Returning from reconnaissance, he and his commander were sent on mission by the Germans fired.The commander was killed immediately, and Marat began to shoot.He had nowhere to go.And as such, the possibility has not been since he was shot in the arm.It is not out of ammo, he held the defense.Then he took two grenades.One threw a right, and the second held until such time as the Germans did not come.Marat blew himself up, killing thus several opponents.

Marat Kazei was voted Hero in 1965.Minors heroes of the Great Patriotic War and their exploits, stories of which spread in large enough quantities, will remain in memory for a long time.

heroic 14-year-old guy

Partizan reconnaissance Valya was born in the village of Khmelevka.This happened in 1930.Prior to the capture of the village by the Germans finished all 5 classes.Then I began to collect weapons and ammunition.He handed them over to the partisans.

Since 1942 became a scout partisans.In the autumn he received the task to destroy the head of the field gendarmerie.The task was accomplished.Bringing together multiple peers blew up two enemy vehicles, killing seven soldiers and of the chief Franz Koenig.About 30 people were wounded.

In 1943 he was engaged in the exploration of the underground location of the telephone cable that was later successfully undermined.Valia also took part in the destruction of several layers and warehouses.In the same year, while on duty, he noticed the young hero punitive who decided to make a raid.Destroying an enemy officer, Valya raised the alarm.Due to this the partisans prepared for battle.

died in 1944 after a battle for the city Izyaslav.In the battle of the young soldier he was fatally wounded.The title of hero he received in 1958.

little bit not enough to 17 years

What other heroes of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 should be mentioned?Scout future Lenya Golikov was born in 1926.From the very beginning of the war, having obtained the rifle itself, he went to the guerrillas.Under the guise of a beggar boy he walked around the village, collecting information about the enemy.All the information he gave the guerrillas.

The man squad joined in 1942.For all his fighting way took part in 27 operations, destroyed about 78 enemy soldiers, he blew several bridges (rail and road), blew up about 9 trucks with ammunition.Lenya Golikov It blew the car, which was traveling Major General Richard Witz.All of its services are listed in the premium full leaf.

Here such here minors Great Patriotic War heroes and their exploits.Children sometimes perform such feats, which in adults do not always have the courage.Lenya Golikov was decided to award the "Gold Star" and the title of Hero.But to get them, he could not.In 1943, the combat unit, which consisted Lenya, was surrounded.We came out of the circle just a few people.And Lenny was not among them.He was killed on Jan. 24, 1943.Up to 17 years old guy and did not survive.

died through the fault of the traitor

rarely thought about themselves heroes of the Great Patriotic War.And their deeds, photos, images remain in the memory of many people.Alexander Chekalin one of these.He was born in 1925.The partisan detachment joined in 1941.He served in it no more than a month.

In 1941 guerrilla unit caused significant damage to enemy forces.Burned numerous warehouses, vehicles are constantly undermined, trains were derailed, sentries and enemy patrols regularly disappeared.In all this fighter participated Alexander Chekalin.

In November 1941, he was very cold.The Commissioner decided to leave it in the nearest village from a trusted person.However, the village was a traitor.It was he who gave the minor fighter.Sasha was captured by partisans at night.Finally, the constant torture was over.Sasha hung.For 20 days he was forbidden to remove from the gallows.It was only after the liberation of the village of guerrillas Sasha was buried with military honors.

corresponding rank of the Hero it was decided to assign in 1942.

shot after prolonged torture

All these people - the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.And their deeds for children are the best stories.Then we will talk about a girl who is not inferior to the courage of not only their peers, but also the adult soldiers.

Zina Portnov was born in 1926.The war caught her in the village Zuya where it came to rest their relatives.Since 1942, he engaged in putting up leaflets against the invaders.

In 1943 he joined the partisans and became a scout.In the same year it received its first assignment.She had to identify the causes of the failure of the organization under the name "Young Avengers."It is also supposed to establish contact with the underground.However, at the time of the return in the squad Zina captured German soldiers.

During interrogation, she was able to grab a gun lying on the table, to shoot the investigator and two soldiers.When trying to escape was captured.She is constantly trying to, trying to get answer questions.However, Zina said nothing.Eyewitnesses claimed that one day, when she was taken to the next interrogation, she threw herself under a car.However, the car stopped.The girl was pulled from under the wheels and taken away for questioning.But she was silent again.That is what were the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

1945 she did not wait.In 1944, it was shot.Zina at that time was only 17 years old.


heroic feats of soldiers during hostilities estimated at several tens of thousands.Nobody knows exactly how much has been made of the brave and courageous acts in the name of the Motherland.This review described some heroes of the Great Patriotic War and their exploits.Shortcuts can not convey all the strength of character they possess.But full story of their heroic deeds simply did not have enough time.