The classic bob with bangs, no bangs (photo)

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Despite the diversity of modern hairstyles, that the classic bob is the most popular among women worldwide.But why the fair sex give their preference to this hairstyle?This you will learn in this article.

classic bob haircut - what are the benefits?

Before the XX century women do not allow themselves to short haircuts.But fashion has prevailed and has since the 20s bob haircut was difficult to surprise anyone.But why this hairstyle became so popular?

Firstly, the classic bob does not require special care.Just keep the overall length and to straighten the hair while drying.Today, however, it became popular in the squares wavy and curly hair.So you can feel free to experiment and surprise surrounding the frequent change of image.

Secondly, this unique hair allows a woman to always look elegant, regardless of age.After all, today haircut try on how young girls and adult women.

Third, the classic bob is able to hide many of the shortcomings of the face and make it more harmonious.That is why the stylists recommend to pay attention to the haircut, if a woman experiences any complexes about their appearance.

This fits the classic bob?

When choosing hairstyles, women often think whether they fit the new image.Surprisingly, four of a kind can afford everything without exception.And that choice proved zdezd world cinema and show business.

So, with the help of a square haircut can visually pull round face, if you make a perfectly straight strands.While thin face will look harmonious with the bulk of wavy tresses.Line haircuts, dropped below the chin, perfect for women with massive chin.A shortened quads to the level of the ear lobe will be a real boon for owners of an oval face.

If a woman is experiencing complexes about the length of your nose, it is enough to make not straight and side parting.A smooth broad forehead helps direct or oblique fringe.The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment with their looks and to professionals.After properly chosen hairstyle can work wonders.

square with bangs

Shortened straight haircut with bangs is a great solution for most women.For this hairstyle would be appropriate for a business woman, and for ordinary housewives.It does not require much time for styling and always looks neat.

This thanks to a direct bang you can hide not only a wide forehead, but also to make a bright accent in the eye.While oblique fringe helps to mitigate sharp features and visually make you a few years younger.

If you do not like the monotony, the bob with bangs allow daily look different.You can wear this hairstyle is not only a classic design.Suffice it to wind curls on the curling and stab bangs back with the help of the invisible, and you will look very different.

classic bob with bangs - a great way to try on a new image.And if you get tired of such a haircut, you can make her bob-bob, or grow to his shoulders.

Kare without bangs

Ate you're proud of ideal proportions of your face, you can safely abandon bangs.After all, open a woman's face draws admiring glances from the opposite sex as good fitting dress.However, in this case, you need flawless makeup.

classic bob without bangs will look naturally like a romantic walk, and the important discussions with colleagues.The length of the haircut will allow not only to wear loose hair, but also do a variety of hairstyles from the use of accessories.

bob haircut, a photo which you can see in this article, is one of the most popular in the world.Therefore, you can easily try on the perfection of hairdressing.The main thing - to choose a good master that you create a unique image.

Variations on the classic bob

Today stylists allow not only the traditional types of haircuts, and various non-standard solutions.The classic bob, photos are presented in this article, you can refresh staining Ombre.This requires lighten the ends of her hair, leaving the roots of their natural color.

If you are creative and extraordinary personality, it will be an absolute trend, if the background of the square make shaven temple with one hand.This hairstyle has become very popular in 2015, thanks to actress Natalie Dormer.And this girl knows how to always look perfect!

young person can safely experiment with bright colors for hair.After all, today, more than ever, in a fashion purple, blue, red and even green shades.However, it is not necessary to carry out creative painting at home.It is best to consult a specialist, who perfectly knows the laws of color.

bob haircut, as a rule, does not require tapering ends.Simply to cut off a length of the maximum level.However, if you have too thick head of hair, the wizard will give tips fitting look.Otherwise, the square will look sloppy and certainly not give elegance to your everyday image.

How to care for a hairstyle bob?

If you're determined to try on a new hairstyle, you should be aware of some rules.You need to choose the appropriate means for laying, which will give the curls shine and make them keep in shape during the day.This can be not only strong fixation nail but mousse, foam or gel.However, do not overdo it with the application means that the hair did not look dirty.

Also, do not forget the timely correction of haircuts.This applies both to the square with bangs and without it.After hair should look symmetrical and tidy.And if you dye your hair, do not forget about going to the beauty salon every 3-4 weeks.This is especially true for brunettes who dye their hair in bright colors.