The child learns to walk - what should parents do?

in age from 9 months to 1.5 years at the kids coming crucial period - they learn to walk.The age at which this happens is different and depends on the child's body, balance, muscle tone, motivation and assistance to parents.

What are the stages of training to walking children, and the parents can help the child in this difficult lesson?

stages of training to walking a child and help parents:

1. In 8-9 months the baby usually starts to rise to his feet, trying to balance and stand straight.First, it should help the parents, then he can do it yourself.

Encourage your child to some stable piece of furniture (a small ottoman or chair), to which the baby will be able to draw and learn to get up on their own, but under the supervision and guidance of parents.Learn to walk the child must on a hard surface to its muscles develop normally.

2. In the year of the baby have usually makes first steps, leaning on the furniture and walls, moving forward, to keep it if the handles.

can offer your child a great and safe toys on wheels to holding her baby slowly walked forward.

to not have all the time bent over, the child handles led to back pain, it can be used for training smooth sticks - from the mop or floor brush, for example.The kid will hold on to them, as an adult will move forward with it.In addition, handles the crumbs will be at the level of his shoulders - it is healthier and makes the baby less fatigue.

3. From year to year and a half children are able to move, holding only one hand of an adult.As soon as the kid finds his balance, he began to walk independently.

During this period, you can work on the motivation of the child, that he wanted to learn to walk.For example, to get to the favorite toys, treats or mother.

4. You can use the child's learning and walker, but the so-called "reins" in this case is not very useful.Psychologists say that when you use "reins" of the baby develops properly install, it is my mother, and she did not.In addition, harmful not give the baby to fall and rise - it deprives him of valuable experience and generates a sense of false security.

Since the "reins" do not require long-term use, they can borrow from friends, and with the above-described use of sticks at all possible to save and not to acquire this gadget.