English with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

In recent years, travel to other countries have become commonplace for the Russians.Now you can travel.Our residents were more likely to go to other countries.Trips to warm countries for leisure, travel on official business.Some of our fellow citizens traveling in Europe for private cars.All these exciting trips, it is very difficult to do without the knowledge of a foreign language.

international language, as we know, is English.Of course, this does not guarantee that the traveling, such as Austria, each counter will be able to talk with you in English.The probability of finding the way a person speaks English, Russian and not much higher.I do not take into account the country's now-defunct Warsaw Pact.For example in the Czech Republic residents soon will be answered in Russian.Yet, each visited abroad say that in order to feel confident, you need to know at least some foreign language.

from our school experience, we know that learning a foreign language - it's a great work.It is necessary to have a lot of time and spend a lot of money.Anyway where to start?Go on courses?Buy tutorials?And maybe buy an expensive procedure advertised by the media?He promises that she and your subconscious mind will do everything for you, and you only need to listen to the "tracks."Maybe, but if it's suitable for you?What to do if you want to learn English while at school you were taught German.You do not know how to read or write in English.These raw data or who will not add optimism.So it was with me.

But one day, I accidentally met with a surprising method, the author is a two-time champion Kogoro Guinness Book Samvel Gharibyan called English without English .

idea is that, from the beginning we learn the most common English words.And only then it will be possible to do grammar.The method provides the most simple way to solve the problem of storing large amounts of English words, through cartoons and associations.With this storage takes place in the shortest possible time.

In the book Miracle in English without English Dictionary contains 3,500 common English words.To be able to read the English language is not necessary.The Miracle dictionary English without English, given the usual transcription Russian letters.But since it is impossible to perfectly convey the sound, this disadvantage is compensated audio application that is attached to the book.

big plus is the price of teaching materials.It is comparable to the cost of two or three sessions with the repeater.You can check the effectiveness of the method is to pass a unique test .

So without spending can make a huge backlog for the English language and it does not take a genius.This is the power of any of us.