Why nightmares: the main factors

If a person constantly have nightmares - it is a powerful argument to to review your lifestyle and personal attitude.Dreams have long been a subject of interest in the scientific sphere, but for them there is incomplete information, enabling some to attach mystical significance to dreams.In this article we will look at both sides of the issue and find out why the dream of nightmares and how to avoid it.

Why nightmares: event-related factors

psychophysical Sleep is a product of human activity.Therefore, it is undeniable that the external environment and internal emotional impact on the quality and nature of dreams.

If a person has experienced a great loss or stress, then certainly it is reflected in his mind, and the subconscious "holds" this event as long as the person is not mentally destroy him, changing his attitude or blocking other more significant event.

Even while awake people would not think about what happened, but it will be remembered as something frightening, and give it a special significance, then the brain will play in the dreams of this theme with the help of real or associative images.It is very important time to get rid of negative emotional ballast that can create regular nightmares.

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Why nightmares: the disruption of the body

development of the disease can also be accompanied by nightmares, even if tangible signs yet to come.Any "problem" in the body is reflected in dreams, like any other of his condition, so if a person is often accompanied by nightmares, and with it the day before were not experienced by emotional turmoil, it is a chance to go to the doctor and pay attention to their health.

Why nightmares: a homely atmosphere

Poor conditions for sleep, dark room, which often is a person, and the total depressing situation has a negative impact on the psyche.Check permanent subconscious discomfort or even fear can cause nightmares.Conscious person, being at home may not be aware that the house uncomfortable, dark, cold, and everything does not have the emotional relaxation.But the subconscious mind "remembers" all the feelings, and certainly the most regular of them are realized in dreams.That is why in dreams should be treated responsibly, becauseusing them can prevent psychological or even physical destruction of the body.

Why nightmares: minor psychological factors

Even if a person has not experienced serious emotional distress, he can see the nightmares for psychological reasons.This is a situation where the number of turns into quality: many small unpleasant events, minor irritants together can lead to a regular nightmare.This is obviously the most legkoustranimaya reason: all that is necessary is to remove irritants or settle down with the help of exercise or medication.Some people have noticed that the use of stabilizing agents of their mental or do not bother dreaming or were neutral or even joyful character.

What nightmares: the mystical side of the issue

So, we have considered the factors that from a scientific point of view, can cause nightmares.Now we find out whether they are predicting for the coming events, as a signal the brain that you need to behave more cautiously.

Since the subconscious processes to the end and have not been studied, and the theory of a single information field is not confirmed, we can not 100% say whether dreams "come from the future."However, aware of the unique and amazing ability of the brain to analyze and miscalculation.On this basis, we can assume that the subconscious mind, future-oriented, can "suggest" some versions of events and display them in a dream.If the calculation is correct, the event occurs, and a person thinks that it was a prophetic dream.Nightmares are not the best prospect for the future, so we can comfort those who see them: quite often they are not the harbingers of destruction, and only desire this.Negatively oriented person includes a program of self-destruction, and thus sees in dreams as he is attacked, he runs away, falls, and so on.

Thus, nightmares can be avoided if you pay attention to your emotional state and to solve internal problems.As we have seen, nightmares are not harbingers of fatal events, but, on the contrary, are most likely the result of a heavy past.