Service contract in the hot spots: do not get excited

One of the aphorisms Prutkov says, men of war to defend the fatherland.And it is true.The history of recent decades clearly shows the example of other countries that only a strong and knowledgeable of their tasks the army can stand up to numerous threats from countries that may, today, and do not express their hostile intentions, but always ready to take advantage of Russia's weakness, if it suddenly feel.

Our country has a vast territory and long border.Like any other superpower, Russia has geopolitical interests, which sometimes necessitate military intervention, both within the country and abroad, and any army operation requires highly skilled soldiers, their skills and psychological stability, and just courage.Within one year, the soldiers sometimes not even able to master all the technical part of the base material.The service in hot spots and does require special skills and personal qualities.

All this applies equally to mental preparation.Yes, young people in Russia are able to defend the national interests of our country and even ready to die for them, but whether the state has the moral right to demand it from the boys?The question is rhetorical.Service contract only in hot spots can solve the question of who will voluntarily risk their lives if necessary.

and privates, sergeants and petty gradually become professionals, and comprehension of military affairs have sometimes takes more than one year.To be in such a war, is not enough just to write a statement saying, "I want to serve under the contract" to survive multilevel selection, including psychological, and then take a course and get practical experience in the military.By 2017, the number of professionals in the Russian army should exceed 425,000 people.

Service contract in hot spots is attractive to many because of high mark-ups allowance.They are different, for example, in Kosovo, the Russian military receives no less than thirty-six thousand rubles a month.Modest salary of a soldier serving in the 201st Motorized Rifle Division in Tajikistan, a lot of money to pay for the performance of military duty in the Chechen Republic.This is the fee for risk.

Not everyone understands that the service contract in the hot spots for the money - not the best way to earn money.Therefore, the military commissariats introduced a three-stage selection of candidates.

The initial stage includes a self-test, which can take anyone by answering the questions the Ministry of Defence site, and interview in the qualifying clause.

preliminary selection is then made in the course of which is determined in what kind of troops and a candidate can be most useful for the army.Then checked the personal data, including the degree of loyalty, law-abiding, but also the health of the applicant and of his psychological state.

All the data are the basis for an in-depth selection and the decision on the validity of the candidate to serve in the Armed Forces.

past this check is sent to the military part of the training, and there is no guarantee that it will certainly waiting for service contract in the hot spots.So the one who thinks that, having written statement, he immediately get weapons and go to war zone, may suffer disappointment.