The bird flew into the house - a sign blank or superstition?

bird flew into the house - a sign of this than anything to you?Imagine yes.One of the signs read: if a bird flew into the house - one of the people living in the house will die.According to popular superstition, they are winged souls of the dead.And so on the graves we bring them food, and even feed the crumbs.And if a bird flew into the house - a sign, perhaps, warns about someone's death, God forbid.But nowadays many people live in big houses almost one family, that is, they are close and familiar.So maybe this prediction refers to someone who lives in the neighborhood.

bird flew into the house - a sign may not necessarily be bad.For example, if it was a dove, then maybe someone will soon be a wedding.This belief came from the biblical tales of the blue and the Virgin Mary.

In fact, signs of birds are different.For example, if the window is knocking swallow, then soon you will get the news.Good or bad - it depends on many details.However, it should be noted that many predictions about the birds are, unfortunately, not a good information.It should list some signs.If

crow bathing - it will soon be a misfortune.Bird got into the chimney and pecked spider - in someone's home to die.When she sat on the window sill or window, it will soon have to spend big.It happens that a bird in a cage die in the morning, when the wedding was going to happen.Then it's a harbinger of failure, a short marriage.Bad omen is when someone holding a wild bird in the house.If the animal is flying winged around the house or hovering over him, then someone in the house strongly sick.When the owl sits on the roof - it portends a lack of money.If it is at this time still makes noise - that may be a fire.When the bird soars - should beware and do not trust each row: perhaps someone will be a traitor.When she suddenly changes its direction of flight - it means for the observer approaching danger.

If a person sees as fighting chickens - this sign to the guests.If the cock is important pacing at the door, making loud noises - will soon come to visit a stranger.When the birds fly from left to right before the eyes of the observer - it means that luck was coming soon, and if the right to the left - that is, on the contrary, to failure.When a bird flies per person - also to luck.When the eyes of the man she eats a butterfly, or catches it - so will soon come to pass some desire.When hovering over the head of an eagle - a harbinger of a major victory and happiness.A person sees a white bird - it's bad.Then, disaster struck soon.The same thing is to come, if he saw a dead bird.Cuckoo has long been considered a bird of things.Everyone knows the sign: how many times she prokukuet so many years, and people live.

If a bird flew into the house, luck can be good.If the pigeon hit the window, soon there will be some unexpected good news.However, if a bird flew into the house (especially the cuckoo), it is a fire.In general, if it so happens that the bird fluttered through the window, then it is to treat, that is, feed and water, then there is a high probability that the family misfortune to bypass party.